Portland, Oregon, USA Meetup March 25, 2023

REGION: Oregon
CITY: Portland
Taborspace - DAY HALL
5441 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215
(503) 954-2610

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DATE: Saturday, March 25, 2023
TIME: 10:15 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. PST
COST: $4 per person to pay for the venue rental and fees, bottled water, and
$0.16 per postcard.

MEETUP PLAN: Come join your fellow Postcrossers at Portland’s own Taborspace for socializing, postcard signing & possible swaps.

Our goal is to share our collective joy of postcrossing, to make wholesome connections with other human beings, and to spread that positivity to our fellow postcrossers across the globe!

*A 5x7" commemorative postcard (see attached photo of design) has been printed and is available to attendees.

*Venue has capped capacity of rented room, so only 35 people will be allowed.

*Please bring postcards and other relevant items to show & tell or share.
*Please bring your “trash” postcards that others might find to be “treasure”. We will have a Trash or Treasure table for people to look through.

*People may want to participate in a group photo.

*For convenience and efficiency, bring your signature stamp or stickers (1 inch or smaller), you’ll thank yourself later! I got mine made at rubberstamps.com

Loose itinerary:
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10:15-10:30 a.m. - Collect funds, hand out purchased cards (see the registration table inside the doors if you need to pay)
10:30 - 10:45 a.m. - Quick icebreaker
10:45 - 11:45 a.m. - Postcard signing
11:45 a.m. - Random Prize giveaways
12:00 p.m. Wrap up and exit building

*You can request swaps with attendees and/or to pick up postcards on your behalf if you are unable to come. Please respond below with approximately how many meetup postcards you might be interested in. Postcards will be held for attendees, but if there are extras after the meetup, we can open them up for trade.


*TRANSPORTATION: TriMet bus lines 15-Belmont and 14-Hawthorne are local to this venue. You can also get there via bike, car or on foot.

*PARKING: Please use Taborspace parking lot located on 54th and Belmont. If the lot is full, please be mindful of neighbors’ driveways.

*GETTING INSIDE: (NO EARLY ARRIVALS) Please avoid coming earlier than 10:15 a.m. Your entry to the building will be between 54th and 55th Ave. on Belmont St. To get to the Day Hall, from Belmont Street, use the DOWN ramp on the LEFT side of the main stairs (see pics on this post). We can direct you to the coffee bar later (or read below). Another entry can be made by walking from the parking lot across 54th Ave. and entering through a side door. So either enter on Belmont St. or 54th Ave. NO EARLY ARRIVALS.

*RESTROOMS: Building is ADA accessible, and has multiple restrooms.

*FOOD: no food is offered on-site. Please bring a non-messy snack to share. Coffee bar is available (upper level). If you want to get coffee before the Meetup, you can enter from the corner of Belmont and 55th Ave.- the door on the corner of the building goes right inside the cafe.

*Nearby amenities: Several restaurant options, Mt. Tabor Park, QFC & Fred Meyer Grocers.

*Nearby Stationery Stores:

PiPH!-Paper Epiphanies, 2501 SE CLINTON ST, PORTLAND, OR 97202 (opens 10:00 a.m. Saturdays)
Collage, 3701 SE DIVISION ST PORTLAND, OR 97202 (opens 10:00 a.m. Saturdays)

*Nearest Blue Boxes:

1500 SE 54TH AVE PORTLAND, OR 97215

I’ve bundled and tagged reserved meetup postcards. See attached. Three weeks to go!

FULL - No more entries - FULL

Thank you!


I so wish I could-I’m only a few miles from there.
Portland Saturday Market has started and unless its going to be pouring and totally nasty,
I have to be there, as I am a vendor.
Kind of bummed-I only just started postcrossing and was randomly looking through the site.
And bingo! Portland was there.
Oh well, Happy to get together on most any other day!

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Welcome to the meetup forums. Perhaps we can get you involved next time. When is Saturday Market on hiatus?

It begins in 2 weeks-we have been on hiatus since December! My Saturdays have been free for months…Mainly I have weekdays free and some Sundays pretty much from March to November.
Maybe meet up separately on a different day!

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@steresem please click “going” at the top of the post. Looking forward to having you at the meetup!

Please reserve 10 postcards for me.

Thank you!

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Consider it done.

Yes, I’ll be there! I cant wait to meet fellow Postcrossers!


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Great to hear! Let me know sometime if you wish to reserve postcards. I’ll be watching interest and then getting them made.

Hello! I would love to order 10 postcards! I don’t know what to bring, but I’ll definitely bring something for everyone to eat - since I am a chef!

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Thank you Shannon!

If the meeting postcards use the Postcrossing logo then they cannot be sold after the meeting.

Postcrossing Team

Thank you for the information, that helps me in the process. I will have the PC logo on, so I’ll be sure to avoid a bunch of extras.

Make sure you follow the rules of usage for the Postcrossing logo, not on blue or red and no borders

You can send it to us to check before your print it.

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Thanks for the reminder. I have looked at those, but didn’t recall the submission process. Can do.

Tabor Space is a wonderful venue. Looking forward to this. Please reserve 10 postcards for me.


Will do! Thank you Ingrid.

Yes I am so excited!! I love the whole concept of meet-ups. I have only been to one before and it was in Oregon City. It was small, but very well put together. I also have received a nice variety of postcards from meet-ups around the globe and postcrossing stamps from a variety of countries. I would love 10 cards. I am retired so if you need help with anything I am available to assist.



Hi Cheryl, I would love your help. And thank you for asking. This is my first time hosting, but I am detail oriented. I’ve taken a tour, taken notes and photos, and started a spreadsheet of participants. I’ve also got the meetup card designed, but not uploaded or logo attached yet. Can I message you my email address, perhaps we can chat there?


Email sounds great! Mine is cheryl.ford2012@gmail.com.


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