Pop up for Postcrossing "app" annoyance

Is anyone else having an icon of a Postcrossing app pop up on their screen the second they log on? This has been going on for about a week. I can’t seem to get rid of the app pop up, unless, of course, I INSTALL the app. Argh. A form of bullying. So I thought, fine. Ok. Maybe the app is cool. So I go to install and then I have to create an account, and THEN I have to give my credit card information, even though they say they “won’t charge.” ARGHGHG. Why?? Why make this an unpleasant experience? Why use a third party “app manager” or whatever that is going to ask for credit card information? And why have the bullying icon so hard to get rid of? I had to back out of the site entirely, and then return. This just makes PC a lot less fun, and it does’t need to be that way. Signed, Grumpy

Sounds like a scam. Did you report this? I think someone is impersonating PC.


According to the FAQs there isn’t an app, and as @GonePostal1840 says it’s very likely this is a scam, especially with requiring credit card information. Do you have any screenshots of the ad?


Wow, thanks. I had not considered that, and I should have. I just thought it was shoddy management. I will look inro it further. I did nit rake a screen shot, but will if it pips up again. And I’ll repirt it to any higher ups: people should be warned. Thank you for responding!


@admins Please note this!


Well, there’s no app existing, but there’s a widget.
Depending on what kind of phone you’re using it’s sometimes really called “app”, though it isn’t one.

Nevertheless if this is the pop up:

and you follow the instructions, you’ll never be asked for any further personal informations.

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I kept getting this! I already had an app/icon on my phone but it was Postcrossing with Chrome. The app pop up kept coming up so I clicked it and it is the same but without the Chrome logo. It didn’t want any bank details or require me to add any info.


No, it definitely wasn’t that. Thanks, though, for sharing your input and screen shot.

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I already asked @PepelePew via email for screenshots of this, but if anyone else is also seeing this suspicious “pop-up” asking for a credit card, please do send us some screenshots of it.

It sounds like it might be malware or a scam of some sort, so please do be careful and don’t enter any private information there.


I’ve seen it once, sometime during the weekend, on my mobile, but I ignored it, I have no more space for Apps, not even for Postcrossing. :roll_eyes:

When accessing by computer, it doesn’t appear and it doesn’t appear now on the mobile (I rarely access Postcrossing on the mobile).

I got a pop up for the Postcrossing app in the Netherlands on holiday, thought it was just some add to homepage button. Glad I didn’t tap it!

A few days ago I posted about these two banners and asked what they are and how to stop them from showing up because I get either of those every time I log in to the forum on my mobile:

I was told that some sort of shortcut to the forum will be installed on the home screen. I did not click them since I don’t want something like this.

It seems the first one (blue) is definitely legit, is the other one also from Postcrossing?

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Just to clarify, this forum can be used through

  • a so called “web app” which is just basic wrapper that adds a app-like icon that directly goes to the forum. On iOS devices, this is the same as using the “Add to home screen” link.
  • or, through the Discourse Hub app which is an app that works with any Discourse based forum like ours. The notices to install this Discourse Hub app may look like in the screenshots below and can be trusted:

The Discourse Hub app is free and you should never be prompted for any credit card details. If you do, something is amiss with your device that is taking you to somewhere else and you should check your device for malware, virus, etc.

Moreover, Postcrossing’s main website may prompt you to install “Postcrossing”. This is also just a “web app” that only adds a app-like icon in your device that goes directly to Postcrossing (this too can be done using the “Add to home screen” on iOS devices). Each browser may show this differently, but it may look like this on Chrome in desktop:

This, too, can be trusted.

However, anything that requests you for credit card details to install a Postcrossing app should not be trusted. If you spot something that does, don’t enter any details and please email us with details about it so we can investigate.


It DID look like that, although when trying to get away from it, as the pop up nearly filled the screen, there was no x to exit and after saying sure, I’d install, it prompted name address and credit card info. I backed out immediately and haven’t seen it since. Thanks for info. M