Please provide honest feedback on my profile

I recently encountered a thread in which the original poster gave advice on how to tweak one’s profile to make it better. There is, of course, no real metric for what “better” might be; it is a subjective interpretation.

I’d be grateful if YOU could use this thread to read my Postcrossing profile and provide honest feedback on what you like and dislike about it, and on what you might change.

In return, I’d be happy to do the same for you if you so desire.

There may be others who’d like to have feedback provided on their profiles via this thread, please feel free to use this thread for that purpose as well. Anyone posting feedback should start their post with “@recipient’s name” so we know who the feedback is for, just to avoid confusion.

I would note that if you request feedback as I have done here, you should be prepared to hear some negative input. I also would note that the intent here is to help make the profile more useful to those who pull your name to send a card to. Feedback should be focused on that.

We all have opinions. I may or may not choose to follow your suggestions. In the end, how I choose to represent myself is my choice. The same is true for all of you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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