Please Allow County Lookup in Search Function

Monday, February 13, 2023 - 08:49 (UTC -5)

Good morning, Postcrossing Support:

At Explore => Search => Members, the Location Filter allows Country, Region, and City/Place.

“Region” is actually “First-Order Sub-National Administrative Jurisdiction”, e.g., State, Province, Prefecture, Oblast, and equivalents.

Missing is something at least as important: “Second-Order Sub-National Administrative Jurisdiction”. That entity, in the USA, is the County, of which there are about 3,200 across the States and Territories. The equivalents in countries around the world go by various other names but they are equally important to their residents in many ways (services, education, tourism, etc.).

And to us Postcrossers!

Right now, if we want to find the Postcrossers in a County, does not offer us any way to do that. Searching for Postcrossers within County has a lot of usefulness, including invitations for Meet-Ups and Lottery/Giveaways.

Right now, looking at City/Place names within a “Region” gives huge, alphabetical lists without any indication of where within a State related places might be (e.g., within a County). Please allow this important search capability.




Lots of countries have sub-regions like counties etc so I doubt it would be ever be a priority for Postcrossing to add these in for even the top 20 active countries - it would be a mammoth task & there’s lots of other things that are more urgent to do.

When I do a search for New Jersey users active in the last year, 386 results come up, for those active the last 6 months there are 327 users.

Surely you know the major towns in your county? You could either search that way to find most of them or just start going through the profiles from a global search to find people who’s location map fits your county.

But I don’t understand why you’d need to do this at all. People put Meet-up notices or lotteries in the appropriate sections & it’s up to members to check these sections for items of interest. The Forum or the main site was never set up to do mass invites/notices to people and given that lots of people don’t want direct swaps or choose not to join the Forum, it would probably be considered spam to do it.

If you’re looking to build your PC network in your county, I’d focus on finding members in the Forum who are from New Jersey first & go from there. Either way, it’s going to take a lot of patient work.