✅ Picture in list disappears after clicking on it

Maybe it’s just because the adjustments that were made with the symbols in the sent/received list, but after clicking on the image symbol in the list, the postcard picture appears, but the symbol disappears and the site needs to be reloaded before the picture can be shown again.

Same problem here.

Same here.

I would guess that it has to do with @paulo’s maintenance.

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I have no problem.
Every time I click traveling image, it brings me to new window. When I go back to traveling list, the icon is still there.

You probably clicked on the ID on the left.
Please click directly on the image emoji on the right and see what happens.

It works with the traveling list, but there is a problem with the sent/received list.


:sweat_smile: I though you were talking about traveling list because I found the image icon was recently changed.


Same here.

At the risk of incurring a shed-load of wrath, why fix something which isn’t busted? In other words, why tinker with icons when there was nothing wrong with them and they worked? :puzzled:

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I’m sure Paulo didn’t want to “tinker” with this icon.
If you had ever worked with computer programming (as I did), you would know that changing a thing in one program can ruin three other programs which have nothing to do with the thing you intended to change.
Postcrossing is a huge collection of single programs who are almost all connected with each other.
We have to live with these “side effects”…


Ok, I suppose, but your reply makes me wonder what was the thing which was intended to be changed, if the knock-on effect is to “ruin” icons which were perfectly ok as they were? Just wondering…

Maybe you should be patient a little longer.
Paulo’s maintenance is certainly not finished yet.
I’m sure he will programme everything so that it works properly.


Do you really think that Paulo has known of this side effect before it has happenend? Do you really think he would have made the change if he had known of the side effect???


Except it was sort of busted — for years we’ve been using a low-quality image that looks crappy in high-resolution screens. We’re all used to it, but it doesn’t make it good. :sweat_smile:

The effect described on this topic is unintended, but thanks everyone for reporting it! :yellow_heart: Like @mundoo would say, we touched something that touched something, that touched something… aaaaand it’s still not fixed.

Don’t worry — it’ll go back to the normal behaviour as soon as we sort things out!


Hi dear all,

I have read the comments today and :crystal_ball: I haven’t seen any strange emoticons
or other problems / changes.
Everything was and is normal.

On this PC I use Windows 10 and Google Chrome.

I have fixed the issue with the missing image icon after the postcard image was displayed.

This was related with a recent update that is not complete yet so this, too, is a temporary fix for it. I’ll need more time to find a suitable new emoji that is retina ready but doesn’t look all sorts of weird in different in different platforms.

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