Pictorial Postmarks

Happy Thursday all!
The newest pictorial postmarks are available from the USPS:


Those new FDOIs are great!

So cool to know someone that designed a postmark! Great job! I will send for mine soon!

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Here are 2 North America Total Solar Eclipse postmarks I received last month!


Recently i saw this seashell fossil stamp at Xiwai branch of China Post Beijing, which is a very popular Paleontological themed post Office here.


Latest postmark from Singapore


I also have got this one from Singapore

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Beautiful Postmarks from Rajasthan


Can I actually send a letter to someone this way, meaning the USPS pictorial postmark mail-in, or can they only return it to me (I have only done mail backs to myself)? That way the recipient gets both a letter or postcard from me AND a philatelic keepsake. Is correspondence in envelope allowed or only postcards?

And if the postmark may be backdated, what’s to stop someone from fudging their taxes this way?

The USPS rules are extremely vague and open ended.

You can absolutely send both letters & postcards to recipients via the pictorial postmark mail-in!

In fact, I send postcards via SFS all the time to get FDOI postmarks for folks—and with the recent solar eclipse, I actually sent packets of postcards to all 13 participating post offices to send them a card with one of the special commemorative pictorial postmarks!

And as for the tax thing: yes, I suppose you could commit tax fraud this way, but you can also commit tax fraud in a number of other ways too, so shrug.


Thanks so much!

And at least the stamps would be properly cancelled. It is near impossible to get anything hand cancelled where I am.

For the pickle festival pictorial postmark I sent out a few blank postcards and asked them to stamp them for me. I have (2) extras if anyone would like one feel free to DM me. I decorated one and sent it off as a postcrossing card today and I would be happy to share some of the blanks with others.

Btw it’s all @dchristian75 fault. We were in a different thread (eclipse RR) and opened my eyes to the existence of pictorial postmarks…. Well now I’m obsessed


Your decoration looks great! I still have to send off for mine. If it weren’t for @FoTiS I wouldn’t have known our pictorial postmarks weren’t just during the holidays! Welcome to the Postmark Lovers Club! :smiley:

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Sorry for the delay Mother’s Day + finals is a crazy busy time for me but @nocsiz and @kanosis I replied to your DMs.


They often will also have a regular hand cancel postmark someplace on it as well, so that the date they stamped it shows too.

Some fancy pictorials (FDC postmarks) from Austria


Italy :it:


A few of the fukei-in (scenic cancellations) I was able to get while road-tripping through Hyogo, Tottori, and Shimane:


In cases where the item is obviously not being sent for philatelic purposes, such as this, the USPS will add an overwrap with the Kansas City MO round date stamp on it.