Pendleton Woolen Mills pattern cards?

I got a fabulous deal on this box of 100 cards (50 styles, two of each). They are all based off of real wool blanket designs made by the Pendleton woolen mills ~~ which is close by to where I live. Some are as simple as stripes or plaid, and some have intricate Native American geometric designs.

I’m planning to use them to send off quick birthday wishes and such to friends. But would anyone enjoy receiving this kind of card through Postcrossing or swapping? Would enjoy your feedback :blush:



If you are looking to receive other pattern cards, there’s a Pattern Tag you could participate in.


I’d be careful sending those…
Personally I like them, but then I’ve been to Pendleton, visited one of the mills, and own a Pendleton blanket - but before our trip to the US, I had never heard of the place, let alone the wool mills.
But I guess you will come about some postcrossers’ profiles now and then that will give you the feeling that here’s somebody to appreciate one of these cards. And offering anything up for swap never hurts :slight_smile:

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I don’t see any need to be careful about sending them officially. I would enjoy receiving one, even though I don’t explicitly say in my profile that I enjoy patterns or textiles. After all, it is a postcard. And because you live nearby, and because it interests you, you’ve got something to say about it on your message.


I think that whatever interests you immediately becomes more interesting when I receive it, assuming you explain a bit about what it is! I’ve received lots of postcards that I would never have chosen off a rack but that turned out to be super intriguing to me because of the context someone provided in what they wrote.

(Also, I like these cards.)


Yes, I would love such card! Especially with explanation like @saintursula mentioned.

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I love those. And it’s super cool if you’re sending them from nearby. If you’re interested in a blanket card swap, I could send you one from this book (one of my quilts is in the book!)


Thanks for letting me know :blush:

That’s how I feel about cards too! It’s fun to learn about other people and their lives and passions :love_letter:

That is neat!

These are wonderful! I would love to see any of these in the mail. How kind!

So all this postcard business just nudged me over the edge. Today I went to the mill and finally bought my own blanket! Dream fulfilled.


Look at that, it’s lovely! :heart_eyes:

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I would since I have many blankets (a common gift in the Indigenous world) as well as Pendleton patterned mugs, journal books, bags etc

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I’m in Ireland, & I know I’d love one of those! I love cards with history, & as a quilter & knitter, I can appreciate patterns. So go for it!

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The Pendleton Blankets, are widely known here. There are outlet stores throughout Calif. As you probably know, they are the blankets that were used to trade with Native Americans.