Pattern Tag

In this tag we send postcards with patterns.

Floral or animal patterns, dots, swirls, grid, checker, lattice, stripes, bars, lines, diamonds, zigzag, dogteeth, herringbone, tartan, jacquard, damask, lace, embroidery, braiding, weaving, knitting and crocheting patterns, traditional and broken patterns, fractals, waves, fur, frost and light patterns, honeycombs, wallpapers, chessboards, test patterns from early tv, tread patterns, radiation patterns, oscillation, weather, pulse patterns or any other pattern!

“Tag” the last person in this topic, ask for their address by private message, then send a pattern postcard to this address, write “Pattern Tag” and your username on it – so that the receiver can thank you when the card arrives – and then wait for someone else to tag you and send a pattern postcard to you!

I am going to send a pattern card back to the first tagger! :smiley:

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Tag @Feuerstuhl :slightly_smiling_face:

TAG @Siebenstein :raising_hand_woman:

tag @towonder

What a great tag.

Tag @nekelin

I love this idea!!

tag @mezzanine2

Tag @judohelen

Hurray for this tag! :grinning:

Tag @aerobear

tag @brittanyjewell

tag @biphobe

still got your address! :slight_smile:

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