(Paused) Malaysian School Philatelic Club Learning How to Write Postcards

Great day everyone! I am a student from a Malaysian secondary school (for ages 13-17) philatelic club. Recently, we plan to have a postcard activity, which aims to let the members discover the hobby of postcard writing. Here’s a problem: a majority of our members had never experience receiving snail mail, so it is a challenge for us to let them enjoy the fun of writing postcards.

Hence, we would need your help. Our club plans to gift ~35 postcards (not sure how many members will there be next year) to our members so each of the members can have one. From there, they would be able to learn a way to write postcards. Then, they can discuss with their teammates (a team of 5 people) to come of of a way to write postcards. After that, they will need to write a postcard to a school teacher based on the postcard writing style they have formulated.

So if you want to help us, we would like you to send us a postcard. The design of the postcard doesn’t matter much, it is the word that counts. Use your usual postcrossing style of writing and send a postcard to us. It can be about anything! Politics in your country, your pet, university life, what you eat… as long as you think it is suitable to be sent to teenagers, welcome!

Here’s my school address (club address included)
SMJK Katholik PJ
Kelab Filateli
Jalan 10/3, Seksyen 10,
46000 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

This activity is planned to happen around July 2022 [in my school, the activity dates are based on the state government’s timetable, which has not been announced yet] so even if you are reading this post months after I wrote this, or even when the topic has been closed, you can still send us a postcard!


  • You can reach out to my club members at the FB page " Kelab Filateli Smjk Katholik"
  • The picture is created by one of the club members during a club activity X)
  • If you’re thinking of who you should name the receiver of the postcard, you can use a generic name from your country. For example, in Malaysia it is “Ali” for boys and “Xiao Li” for girls. So you can write sth like “Hi Ali,”
  • You are allowed to send my club multiple postcards, just make sure you are discussing about different things in the card

Will they also write international postcards later on in order to receive an answer from the person they write to?


I’il send you a postcard :blush:

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I will send one from Colorado in the USA.

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I’ll send one! From Massachusetts, USA.

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I’ll send one

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I will sent one from Ketchum, Idaho, USA

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Due to the number of things that the committee wants to try out for this activity next year, they had decided to not try this first.

So, to answer your question, no you won’t receive a postcard written by them, but I can send you a thank-you card if that helps :joy:

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Thank you Velislava!

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Thank you Kristine!

Thank you Elise!

Cool! Thank you.

Great! Thank you Celeste.

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Sending a postcard from New Mexico USA

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Yay. Thank you JoAnne!

I will send one from Germany

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Fantastic. Thank you Akbar!

I’ll send a postcard from Wellington!

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Wonderful. Thank you Nancy!

Happy to send a postcard! xD

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