Paris postal museum

We visited the postal museum in Paris last week and just wanted to share some photos.

The museum is located beside Montparnasse tower and easy to reach by metro. Tickets were very reasonable at 8 Euros each. The museum is mainly on 2 floors and there is also a shop selling stamps, postcards, and mail themed gifts.
The ground floor was dedicated to mail themed children’s games and interactive displays.

There was only a few people there when we visited which is a shame as it is a beautifully presented and very interesting museum. The staff were also very helpful and friendly.

Selection of French postboxes old and new

Vintage stamp dispenser

Vintage signs

Vintage uniform

Old and new ways of transporting mail

Information posters

Vintage mail

Mail themed Christmas tree


So interesting! Thanks for sharing with us :blush:

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Thank you for sharing your experience with us and making us visitors of this place as well.

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How nice! Thanks for sharing her with us!!

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Thank you for sharing

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I love that stamp dispenser
Thanks for sharing this museum

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Wonderful, thank you for sharing))

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Update-as part of our visit there was the opportunity to send a postcard. The museum provided the postcard and the stamp, free of charge.

Card arrived today with lovely commerative stamp. A nice souvenir of our visit.:blush:


I visited the museum in May 2023. As you said, beautifully presented, helpful staff. I was there for a few hours and at some times was the only person on the galleries floors. Very worthwhile if you are in Paris.

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In the postal museum you have a special hand pictorial postmark available on request. It’s a pity you didn’t get it.