✅ Page getting possessed / scrolling up and down when editing profile

I was editing my profile on the main site and noticed (was very hard to miss) that every time I typed a letter, the page very quickly scrolled down and then back up again. This happened for each typing I did so the page seemed to be like completely possessed. I did some testing and noticed that this happens only if I am typing in middle or end part of my (ridiculously) long profile. So no down-and-up if typing at the beginning (first third) of profile.

I have noticed before that sometimes the page throws me at the end of the profile if I have used all the available characters, but even then the page is not scrolling down and up, but only staying at the end of profile text spot. Also, this time I did have plenty of characters left to use.

Anybody else noticed this or is it just something wrong with my browser? I tested few other pages, and locations on the main site’s profile editing, but this seems to happen only when typing at the end or middle of long profile text.


I have the same problem! I mostly use browser on Android so I thought it’s just a mobile thing. It’s really annoying.


I am using laptop so it seems to be then on both, mobile and computer. Interesting :thinking: Have you had it for a long time? I noticed today for the first time, but it has been a while since I edited my profile.

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It been like that from the start. It usually scrolls up when I delete something. I didn’t observe this phenomena that closely. It’s just an annoying thing main site do.

I get that too when I try editing my profile and I thought that it was because my bio is too long :sweat_smile: Very frustrating!


This also happens to me, and not just on my profile, also sometimes when sending private messages. I use a PC that functions as a tablet with a digital keyboard. I’m wondering if it has to do with the amount of vertical space on the screen.


After some fiddling, I think I finally managed to reproduce this. I think this is more prone to happen with longer profiles, when the textarea automatically increased to fit the text.

I have applied a workaround by limiting the maximum height of the textarea. Seems to have fixed it for me — can you check?


It seems it is fixed for me too (I tried editing my profile both on laptop and smartphone). Thank you! :blush:

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May I ask you how to do that?

For me it seems to be still slightly possessed, but clearly not as much as it was yesterday. The page scrolls down and up when typing but now it does it only when I am writing on end part of the text, and it seems to be also somehow connected on how the page is positioned (seems to do it when I have the page scrolled more to the end, and especially if the written text is off the screen. If the whole text area is on screen, then there is no jumping). I seems to have troubles finding a logic on what triggers this, but your fixing seems to have helped!

Without a way to reproduce it, it’s hard for me to fix it :sweat_smile:. If you find exactly which part of your profile text you need to be editing (just quote which bit!) and maybe the approximate scroll position (if that’s relevant), please let me know: I can use that to copy your profile text to mine to try to reproduce it.

This is a bit technical, but since you ask, for now I’m using this bit of CSS:

textarea {
    max-height: 100vh;
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Oh, I don’t think I could do it on mobile :sweat_smile: But thank you for the answer!

I will check it again and get back to you after work :+1:

@paulo Here is one of the points where it happens:

It seems to matter where the scroll position of the page is. At this position (so pretty low but not exactly at the end) the page jumps down and up even when editing any part of the profile text. Although I has to say that this jumping is not as clear as it was first and now I had to really “tune” the page to find the spot.

I tried to replicate the setup and doesn’t seem to trigger for me. Is this with Google Chrome?

Yep, Google Chrome but I tested with Edge too and it did the same.

My profile is just special :pensive:

I tried with your profile text and that isn’t (just) it. I’ve made another tweak (made textarea even shorter), can you check if it makes any difference?

I also had this problem. as I understand it this happens when you exceed the character limit

It still does jump when typing, but only when the text area is not completely visible on screen.

For me it’s still jumping when I press Enter (I’m on mobile, Android) or when I try to paste copied text. Well, at least it doesn’t scroll up when I’m typing anymore, that’s a welcome improvement :blush: