Organization/Processing Tips

Sorry if this topic is covered elsewhere, but I failed to find it…I’m curious what routines, habits, or strategies veteran postcrossers use to maximize their efficiency and organization in terms of getting a card request to sending it out. What I do, and please add suggestions, is print the address(es) and “about” for every card, then I highlight the interests, suggestions, or likes, on the profile–especially ones where I think I might have an appropriate card. I make a large note, like, “No lizards!” or “EZ–Cats!” or “Into perfumes!” I dig through my various drawers of loosely organized cards and find one for each card, fill it out, check and recheck addresses and ID #s, figure out stampage, then photograph each card. I have most of my cards hand cancelled to speed things up. I then upload the photograph to the recipients, and that tells me I have done my job. I don’t keep the printed profile, and I delete the photo off my camera once I have uploaded it. On receiving cards, I try to register them asap, and am specific in my gratitude, adding commentary as warranted. If a sender has not uploaded their card, I tend not to unless it’s a “favorite.” If you have any suggestions that work better, please let me know! I only have 13 going at any time, but still, it does take TIME to do it all for maximum pleasure for the recipient or sender.

I keep an archive of the postcards that I have sent and received. I have also an excel list of the stamps that were used on the postcards that I have received. You can say that I am crazy…

Sounds like a very well organized process. But printing every single profile sounds like a lot of paper going to the trashbin after a very short use :scream: Is there a reason for printing it all or could it also be done with a wordfile?


Wordfile…I don’t even know what that means. I’m barely computer functional. We use the excess paper for scraps, or it goes into a pile for the wood stove, because we don’t use any other heating source in the house. Or it gets recycled with other paper products. But, will look into the word file thing. Thanks for suggestion!

WOW. A spreadsheet. Just the WORD “spreadsheet” gives me the shivers. But if one is so disposed, I bet that system is pretty good. Thanks!

I don’t know if it’ll scare you, but take a look in this topic, there are very organized persons :clap::clap:

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