Order of Postcard Writing Process

I have thought of this and am curious!

What steps do you have when writing a postcard? And what order do you usually do them in?

For me it’s the following:

  1. Putting on the stamps
  2. Writing the address
  3. Decorating with Washi or Stickers
  4. Actually writing the message

Please let me know your process!!!

If a topic like this already exists please let me know🙈


I do the below because I’m right handed and don’t want to smudge. If I’m glueing on the address I do that after stamps.

1 stamps
2 ID and message
3 address
4 (decorations)


For me it’s the same. 1-2-3-4.

I usually put on 3-4 stamps which require lots of space so if I write down addresses first, it’ll be harder to arrange the stamps.



I do it the other way around.


After choosing the Postcard I:

  • scan the postcard
  • decorate with masking tape / washi tape
  • put on stamps
  • write the address
  • put on my ID-sticker
  • write ID, Date and what else is asked on the sticker using different coulours
  • print rubber stamps on the postcard
  • write the postcard text
  • upload the postcard to my send galary
  1. Stamps
  2. Writing the ID
  3. Writing the message/drawing
  4. Decorating with Washi or Stickers

Hi! I do the same!

  1. I put the stamps, because I don’t want them to go on the address or the writing.
  2. I write the address and the ID.
  3. I decorate with washi or stickers, or both
  4. I write the message
  5. sometimes I add other stickers or I draw something
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I agonize over what card to send (especially if I don’t have one that suits the wishes of the recipient! :smile:), then I choose stamps (if available: new ones that I can still get the “first day” postmark for).

Then: stamps on the card, Washi/stickers or rubber stamps on the card, then I write the text and the addy is last, because I don’t want to smudge it.

Recently I also put a little print-out of my address on the card, in the hope it’ll be returned to me, in case it can not be delivered, in Corona times.

That goes between “stamps” and “decoration”.


  1. Think about what I’m going to write and how much space I will need.
  2. Chose stamps accordingly - ideally also to match either the theme of the postcard text or the postcard picture or super-prerfect-ideally both :slight_smile:
  3. Write address and Postcard ID (twice) lest I forget (I have occasionally caught myself at the mailbox noticing at the very last moment that I forgot to write either the ID or the address!!!)
  4. Write the text
  5. Add a hadn-drawn “stamp” with my postcrossing avatar if there’s any space left
  6. Add rubber stamps for “priority mail” and repeated country-name in English (if different than in Polish) - lest I smear the ink all over the card in the process of writing
  7. double-check on the way to the mailbox that I put address and ID on the card :smiley:
  1. Address
  2. Washi tape
  3. Stamps, priority sticker
  4. ID, date, weather
  5. Bigger stickers/rubber stamps
  6. Message
  7. Small stickes/rubber stamps
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Funny, most people seem to put the stamps in the early stages of the process. I always put them last: that way, if I mess up the postcard before it’s ready, at least I wouldn’t be wasting a stamp (which for me is quite expensive).

My process differs a tiny bit depending on whom am I writing to but in general is:

  • Using a ruler to better perceive how to fit everything in the postcard

  • Stickers or washi tape if I’m using them

  • Message + other Info

  • Address

  • Stamps

Et voilá! :slightly_smiling_face:

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gee, I do not have ANY process :smiley:

I draw the address(es? sometimes I draw additional cards when writing one already), I select postcards, then I either write a message, decide on stamps or put the addresses down (written or printed) but it’s all over the place usually. If I see someone with long, multi-line address, I’ll probably start with that. If I really want to say something in relation to the profile - the message goes first.

But yeah, all is improvised and every time different :grin:


i put the stamps on first so i now i have space left for the address, especially if it’s a long one. i’m afraid that if i write the address first the stamps won’t fit by 3mm.

so after the stamps i write the address and the id code. then i put all the washitape and stickers. also because space. i don’t understand people who first write and then decorate. if i write first all the space is gone.
so message last and if i have written all my cards i scan them. well usually also after the mail person has been that day so i can scan my received cards as well, all in once.


Yes!! The reason I put the stamp(s) on first is also because I want to be sure there is enough space for them on the card!

It’s really interesting to read how everyone does things differently :slight_smile:

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I’ve mailed only about 60 cards so my process is still evolving, but here’s what I currently do:

  1. Print the address on a label;
  2. Choose the postcard;
  3. Photo of the postcard;
  4. Choose the stamps so that I can see the space needed. I don’t stick them yet so that I don’t waste them if I make a major mistake while writing the card (as it has happen 2-3 times already);
  5. Write the ID and date;
  6. Write the message;
  7. Stick the address label;
  8. Stick the stamps;
  9. Write the ID a second time;
  10. If I have room, add a “par avion” sticker. They are apparently useless in Canada for mail (only useful for packages), but I like the international look they give;
  11. Upload the photo;
  12. Mailing the day after during my early morning walk.

I definitely get that! But stamps here are huge and I usually need at least a couple, so it’s a bit of a juggling act to balance where the address will fit (and sometimes even the message). If I mess it up, I have to call it a feature, not a bug. :wink:


That’s why I usually use a ruler so I can better perceive where to put the things I need to put.

I do agree that mess ups can be a feature but I was referring to the ones that will make my message imperceptible or make it impossible to send the card. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh. Yeah, a ruler. I’m not a ruler person. :laughing:


I stick 3-4 stamps of different sizes. Therefore, I first stick the stamps, then write the address, decorate the washi, write a message, decorate with stickers.