Opening a suggestions' section for the blog

Hi everyone,
I’m not used to using the forum yet, but I recently found a subject I really wanted to share about with my fellow postcrossers.
So went looking for a place here where one can write about a subject they’d like to see covered by a blog article, or even somewhere to post the said article for it to be admitted on the postcrossing blog.

Having found none of these two options, I thought: why not making a suggestion about it?

Postcrossingly yours <3


Hi Iris, good start with this post - I’d also suggest doing a specific post in Postcard Chat with a title something like: I’d love to see a blog post on X and get into your discussion.

You can share the issue you’d like to see covered with community & flag it for admins that way too.

I’ve also had some ideas for blog posts as well. Good luck!


Welcome to the forum @Highrisk and thank you for your suggestion.
It’s a great idea I think.

I think it would be better if @meiadeleite read along here, since she is the “blogger” and maybe she would like to open a topic with suggestions for the blog by herself.

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Hi @Highrisk, welcome aboard!

Like Bille said, feel free to write your suggestion here, and we’ll have a look and let you know what we think about it. We don’t usually take guest posts on the Postcrossing blog, but if the topic is good and relevant to the whole community, I don’t mind making exceptions. :slight_smile:

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Maybe a story on COVID themed postcards? Australia Post has released a set of COVID related maxicards. Just a thought

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Hello! I would like to suggest the topic “the history of the first postcard in the World” or how the first postcard was created in what years and under what circumstances, and how it was transformed over time, what was depicted on it. I could write a detailed post about it. I think this topic is very interesting!

Indeed, we wrote about this in some detail 2 years ago. :slight_smile: That said, we quite like postal history topics, so if there’s something in particular you’d like to find out more about, let us know — maybe other people will also be interested.