One More postcard from Taiwan

Dear Postcrossers,
Till now, my students have received a lot of postcards.
Following is the list of cards received, listed chronologically, the first the lastest.
Thank you all!!!

Canada: Karen
Phillipines: Jill
Australia: The Klemm Family
Russia: Maria
Italy: Elisa
France: Natalia (*2)
Germany: Lucy
USA: Amy
Norway: Yung Sheng
Canada: Charlotte (*2)
Hong Kong: Michelle Tang
UK: (for Anna)
Japan: Miho
UK: Tia
Singapore: Tan Pheng Heong
Netherland: Kari
UK: Lisa
Netherland: Franka van den Berg
Netherland: Rhode van Appeldoorn
Netherland: Kate
Netherland: Astrid
USA: Diane
Japan: Kaori
Singapore: Tan Pheng Heong
Singapore: Sun Yi Fei (2 postcards)
UK: Grahame
Netherland: 10-year-old kid
New Zealand: Cloudrain
Malaysia: Zaheer Firdaus
Canada: Karen
USA: Audrey McCure
Philippines: Jill
Canada: Elaine
Japan: Rina Kuramochi
Japan: Ai (Makoto)
Nederland: Helderman
USA: Karen Sparks
Germany: Karin
UK: Madeleine
Singapore: Elisa
Nederland: KaRi
USA: Brian
Singapore: Sun Yifei
Canada: Lynn
Nederland: Jolanda
Japan: AI (2 postcards. They’re so delicate. Thank you.)
Germany: Vivian
Germany: Sabina Lutz
Germany: Eri
USA: Van
Japan: Kaori Kasuga
USA: Diane
UK: Anonymous
UK: Tia

I’m a school teacher taking care of teenagers in Taiwan. I’m always eager to find a classroom in other countries to do postcrossing with my students, but it seemed a little bit difficult until I found this forum.
After reading some posts and considering the postal restrictions in Taiwan, I figure out a Google form trying to make this project more effectively. If you don’t mind getting one more Store-bought or Homemade postcard from teenagers in Taiwan. Please fill out the form. We’ll write you back around the mid of Oct.

Following is something about this project.

  1. Each student will send a normal size (105x148mm) postcard to the assigned partner who fills out the Google form. The postcard will be decorated based on the topic of the project and the responses provided in the google form.
  2. If you fill out the form once, you can get one card; twice with 2 postcards, and so on. We have 64 students here and this is the first time I try to do this project. I have no idea if there are enough replies for each student to practice writing. But, I am sure every participant in the form will get one postcard.
  3. We’ll send you one or more postcards based on the times you fill out the form. However, it’s optional for you to send a postcard. Once we receive your postcard, we’ll post it in the classroom. And I think it’s quite meaningful for the student who writes to you.
  4. Students are 16-17 years old, but their English ability is under 13. The countries we can exchange postcards are included in the form. I should list here to let you know before linking to the form.
    Asia: Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Philippines,
    Europe: France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Norway, U.K., Russia
    Americas: USA, Canada
    Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

I’ve dreamed of doing this project for a long time. The school I stay is a rural school and most of the students don’t know why they have to learn English. I think it’s vital for them to have a global view and doing postcrossing is the best way. Because most students’ families are from underprivileged groups, I can only support them with the postage and blank postcards. Maybe some students will save their pocket money to buy a postcard for you. I can only inform you in advance that it’s very possible that you receive a homemade postcard. If you don’t mind another postcard in your mailbox, please join us. I really look forward to this project and I appreciate your participation.

Here is the Google form and the school address is included in the form. The form will be closed on October 1 and I’ll make a list of the participants for the students to write their postcards.

Hope I make myself clear. Please feel free to PM me if there’s any question or you have a classroom to do postcrossing because my students have to write more and know more people around the world.
Happy Postcrossing!! & Thank you for the reminder, Lynn.


As I’ve never used Google forms, I’ve got a question. :slightly_smiling_face:

Will other participants be able to see my entry (address) in the form?


Hi, Cassisia,
No. Only I can see all the participants’ addresses. :slight_smile:


What a great project! And what a shame Russia doesn’t send mail to Taiwan now.

Edit to add: that’s really strange, I’ve checked the website of Russian Post again and Taiwan looks available in one place and unavailable in another.

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I can’t get it. I think we can send mails to Russia and vice versa. However, I’m not so sure about it. According to my postcrossing experiences in these days, I can get postcards from Russia, but mine are still not been registered.

With some countries it works one way only :woman_shrugging: But this case is really strange, because in one place the postal website says it’s OK while in another place it’s not possible. Maybe that’s something new that they haven’t updated everywhere yet.

Ha Ha, in this case, you can join, and we’ll write you a postcard. Let’s see if you can get it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello, I signed up from Singapore!
I’m not a local Singaporean but I live here at the moment. I’ll send a postcard too!
I agree it’s important to grow up with a global outlook!

I signed up from Germany.
I think it’s a wonderful thing you do and with the Google sheet it’s way more efficient! Clever idea!
I will send my postcard today :slight_smile:

I just filled in the form and am more than happy to send a card.

All the best with this great idea.

Paul - Australia

I filled in the form!
One question about sending a postcard, would you like me to sent one when I receive yours or before you have sent yours?
Because I would like to sent one back, but I am not sure when you want me to sent one :slight_smile:

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Thank you!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you, Paul!! You remind me of another helping-koala project students did last year. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Before or after are both fine.
They will answer the question you ask and you can write back.
Or, you can send a greeting postcard before you get one.
I didn’t set the time for the participants because of the definite delay of postal service.
Thank you so much!

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I’ll be signing up from the Netherlands, love the idea, good way to get them interested in english and the world outside of what they know. I’ll also send a card back.

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Thank you so much!

I also filled in the form and will send a card to your students.

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Hi from Hong Kong! I will sign up after finishing my batch of outgoing direct swaps. In case I send one to your students, and I get a reply from them, will I able to continue communicating like replying them back and forth?



Hi, Chelsea,
Sure! That would be great if they have a pen pal and that’s what I’ve expected! I’ll see how this project goes and make some adjustments in the subsequent projects. I hope this project could be a seed full of hope


Welcome and Thank you! :slight_smile:

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