✅ One "event" in calendar whole year

Is it a bug that this conversation Latvia Postcard creation, stamp exchange and more is seen at calendar every single day during 25.3.2021 - 25.3.2022.

@paulo hope you have time to look at this, no hurry though

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Sorry, I had lost track of this. When I first looked at this calendar it wasn’t there. Only now I realized it was showing on the global (forum-wide) calendar. It’s probably been like this for quite a while!? :flushed:

That topic had an event attached to it and that shouldn’t be possible in that section. Probably was originally created within the meetups section and then moved to where it is now, which actually makes it impossible to remove/edit the event when it’s within a category where events are not allowed.

Should be good now. Thank you for bringing it up and for calling again my attention again to it!

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Thank you. Yes, I thought it is weird because it is not event and still was on calendar and made a dot to every day so it looked like there are meetups every single day. Just realized when I was looking for Twosday meetups.

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