Latvia Postcard creation, stamp exchange and more

Hello everybody!
Mana latviešu valoda nav tik laba, jo es to ļoti ilgi nelietoju, tāpēc es rakstu angliski, bet jūs varat rakstīt latviski, jo es to diezgan labi sapratu.
Firstly if you have any stamps you would like to exchange - let me know, would love to see your offers, would be nice if those were from Latvia.
Secondly, anyone wants to create a postcard we could use as a group? If someone creates it we could send each other those as well.
Thirdly we could do a meetup or if Latvijas pasts are willing to do an excursion for people here or a worker can organize it, please, post it here.
Great to see that so many people from Latvia participate here, love it.
Stay safe and keep posting the letters and postcards, snail mail rules!


Would you like make a swap stamps with me?
Can you offer me stamps from your country?


Hi Jesus,
Sure, which stamps would you like and how many, what do you have?
Best regards,

No problem, all stamps from Latvia they will be well received.
I can offer world wide stamps.


We can coninued with our swap? Thanks.

Hi, yes, of course, Should I send what I can offer? I am not in Latvia, but have some stamps. I also have many worldwide stamps, if that is also of interest

Can we swap cards?