Ohio Postcards!

Hiya! As a girl from the UK I loveeee the thought of getting a few postcards featuring Ohio from Ohio! If you want to swap with me just message me or reply here! I’d love to swap! I am a huge fan of Twenty One Pilots and there hometown is Columbus, Ohio!! I would love to have any from Columbus or Cincinnati or your Ohio hometown!

I don’t live in Ohio, but have many cards from there, especially Columbus. Since USPS mail is totally automated, it may not matter where it is mailed from. If you are interested, send me a PM with your address.

Hiya! OMG I’d love one! I cannot message yet but please dm me on Instagram at @KittyAllsopp (unless it goes against community guidelines)! And ill send you my address!

I am not on Instagram. If you wish, send me an eMail with your address information here:


I know one can’t send messages on the main site before a postcard has arrived. But maybe you can send a message on the forum anyway?!

I’m in NW Ohio and can send you a card. I sent a message here…see if there is a green dot on your profile picture