Odd response from the server

Just received this message when trying to register a card:

Error: exclamation in red circle Sorry, but DE-9890451 can’t be registered anymore because the sender is no longer participating in Postcrossing. Consider it as a bonus postcard to you!

First time I’ve seen this.

Ooh-er! I’ve not seen that before either. Weird.

Aren’t those no longer registered automatically? I thought that was the case when someone deletes their profile.

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If the card is travelling to someone who decides to delete his profile, then the card will still get automatic registered. That happend with one of my traveling cards recently.

I never had the opposite case, through

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I remember when registering this card

the member had already left Postcrossing. So she never got my Hurray, but I still was able to register this.

I think the cards sent to them (to the ones who stopped postcrossing) are registered automatically, not the ones they sent, because then cards would appear on postcrossers wall, without them having ever received the card.


When someone closes their account, they can indicate whether their still (outgoing) traveling postcards were posted or not. If the person indicates they were not sent, they are deleted from the system so that another postcard can be sent to the receiver of those postcards. If they say they are still traveling, we leave in the system so that they can be registered by the receiver when they arrive.

This is not new, just uncommon since the majority of the members who close their account indicate the postcards were posted.

It seems in this case, the sender indicated the postcard was not posted, but it was in fact.

That’s still true and hasn’t changed, but that’s about the incoming postcards to the person who has deleted the account. The OP is talking about a postcard sent by the person who closed their account.


Thanks for explain that Paulo!

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