[NOT A BUG] Popular Cards Not Showing Properly

I’ve noticed over the past few months that several of my sent postcards which have been favorited are not showing up under the popular cards wall. (I know they had before, because I remember them being listed as such.) Now they are only showing up as “sent” without any number of favorites listed. Most of these are older postcards (from maybe 5 or more years ago). Also, most of the accounts still seem to be active, so really not sure why this is happening. Did I miss some update to the website? Or is this a bug?

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Maybe they were unfavourited. Some Postcrossers do that, when they get the favourited cards, because they regard their favourites as wishlist.


I honestly don’t think that is the only thing going on here. One of the favorited cards was an original sent to an individual, who only favorited it after I sent it.

I honestly believe cards are missing. (Some of the images are missing after I’ve uploaded them as well.)

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Maybe the recipient can tell you if they unliked the card and why.

The recipients can delete the images. Some do that for they do not like the image. Others delete images of all cards they get, for whatever reason.


Some people like the card they get, but unlike later, to keep their favourites wall smaller.
Some like the card, but unlike, if you don’t like one of their card back.
Some have liked all/most their received card, and learned people think they still like to get it, and therefore unlike the cards they have.

And some remove the image of a card they don’t like, or the will upload it again later (and forget).

Also, if it’s not “legal”, the image can be removed, but then you get a notification about it, I believe.


You can look at your wall of sent postcards and see if those cards you are missing are there. If they are not there, the receiver deleted the image. If you find the “missing” postcard there, open its details and you will see if it is liked by anyone.


When I receive a card I delete any image the sender might have uploaded, and put up my own scan of the card. What I noticed is that when I delete the sender’s image, the favourites that have been applied so far get deleted as well. That’s why I try to do this swap immediately after registration if possible, so if the picture gets shown in the gallery on the front page, people favourite the new image that will stay on my wall.

Receivers can delete your image (and upload their own) at any time, even years after they received the card. Maybe that’s what happened to your favourites?

As others have pointed out, simply unliking a picture is also always a possibility.

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This explanation makes a bit more sense to me! Yes, I’m wondering if someone may have deleted the image and uploaded a new one and it erased a few of the favorites that had already appeared. Perhaps this is a bug, or perhaps it wouldn’t be considered one. However, it does seem frustrating and, in my honest opinion, removes the point of the “favorites” feature altogether. (Especially if more than just the recipient favorites the postcard, because even having the sender or the recipient delete the image later would erase multiple favorites to the one card.)

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I too feel it is a pity. In my beginnings of Postcrossing I did not care about pictures in my received gallery and just left them as is. But at some point the low quality and bad photographs some senders uploaded bugged me, and I swapped all images of every card I had received so far for my own scans. It was sad that favourites got lost (even if only a handful in total), especially because when a new image gets uploaded the card of course is the same, so if a person liked it previously they still will like it.

I don’t think it’s a bug though. If you think about it: if favourites don’t get deleted together with the image, then thousands of favourited cards would accumulate in the system that show no picture at all (since you don’t HAVE to add a new one once you delete the old one). That would be chaos :confounded:

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Yes. I guess even if it’s not a bug, then it confuses me as to why this is a feature to begin with. If images can be deleted (and even re-uploaded), but the favorites are removed in that process, why have the favorites feature at all? I mean, think about it. If someone deleted and reuploaded every single postcard image they had, (and there is no way to really track it), then this action would impact many other users, not just one or two people.

Maybe not a bug to delete favorites with the image. But more of an issue with lack of notification. I am wondering if I’m not the only one who has experienced this confusion and frustration simply due to a lack of notice that my image (or one of the images on my wall) has been deleted. (Perhaps this post should be moved to the “suggestions” section…)

If you delete the image, there is a notification that it will delete the possible likes too.

Before approving the delete option, this pops up:

“This will remove all comments and favorites of this postcard! Are you sure you want to delete the image for this postcard?”

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Yes, but does this notification only show to the person who is deleting the image? If people who have favorited the image don’t realize it’s gone, perhaps they should be notified the image was deleted as well…

As sad as it is that favorites get deleted when the image is swapped, I think it makes sense - because someone could upload a different image. Sometimes a wrong image gets uploaded and when the receiver ‘corrects’ this, it would be weird if the favorites stayed. Suddenly you could have a picture of a dog in your wall of favorites even though orignially you favorited a rainbow.

Now having the people who favorited the card be notified sounds like a good idea, but I don’t know if it is an easy thing to put into practice or how much of a problem this actually is.

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I made a suggestion to add a “replace” option to address this problem: Replace Image instead of Remove