Replace Image instead of Remove

This is a suggestion for the main site. It would be wonderful if we could not only delete a pre-uploaded photo, but also replace it. The difference would be that by replacing no comments or :heart: would be lost.

As scanning needs some more time than just registering, people could delay the scanning process without risking to add a new photo “too late” (after others liked the card or even commented). The only working method right now is to delete the pre-uploaded photo and leave a sad gap in the wall.


But, what would be done in the case of a wrong photo?
The comments and hearts would be towards different photo then.


You could still allow to remove a photo (just as it is now). Remove or Replace.

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I agree, replace in addition to delete would be great.

Yes, this would be very nice to have.

I don`t understand why they should be removed or replaced at all if they are initially high quality?

There are multiple reasons for adding your own photo instead, just listing what I’ve already heard / seen:

  • the photo will stay there as long as you wish (some people delete it years later, very hard to find the original card to add it again)
  • some people prefer a scan, other a photo with some sort of background (e.g. their pet, a toy, themselves, their favourite plant, …)
  • showing the card with it’s travel marks instead of brand new
  • uploading a better quality photo / scan
  • contrast options may differ significantly between different scanners / cameras, some people might wish to have them all with the same contrast

I support that - sometimes people mix cards up and upload a wrong picture, might be even as a replacement. To avoid that someone might end up with pictures they don’t even know on their favorites, we’d need a notification every time a favorited or commented photo would be replaced. Just my thoughts on this.