[NOT A BUG] Non receipt of Hurray Message

At an early evening of 29.10.2021, I had found that count of my sent Postcards has increased from 27 to 28. I logged in to my email account to see registration message of recipient in my Hurray Message, but unfortunately it was not there. I checked twice / thrice before going to bed. On 30.10.2021 morning, the count of sent Postcards was further increased upto 30, but again there’s not a single Hurray Message in my mailbox.

Is anyone else facing such issue ?
Is it due to slowness of Postcrossing server or any other issue ?

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Have any new pictures of postcards shown up on your wall or new listings in your received list?

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Yeah, new entries are there in sent list.

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Well you have gotten a Hurray message(s) but at least those other places show that you did have more postcards received. And presumably can send more cards now.

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Yeah, now my quota has opened for sending more Postcards. That’s separate thing. What I concern here is that I want to read the note that recipient has written while registering my Postcard. But unfortunately I didn’t get Hurray Message.


Well sometimes people don’t send a message eh? Not often, but definitely some don’t for lots of reasons: language, time etc but you should have had the official one.

If it happened more than once, I’d send a message to Admin & ask them about it - it may just have been a server glitch - either PC’s or yours perhaps.

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I think he means that there was no email at all though…
Sometimes it has happened, particularly with some email providers. Once it happened to everybody that uses Hotmail… Definitely let the admins know, or they will say something once they see this :slight_smile:


Yes, I got that

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Yeah, you got my point. :love_letter:

I get all my hurray-messages in the junk mail folder, look there maybe

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That’s not the issue in my case. I’m regularly receiving it in my inbox. I’m facing this issue since yesterday evening.

@Wernec2512 Do you get a message when you pull a new address?

A lot of German users had this issue a while ago with the e-mail provider GMX - they accidentally identified all e-mails from Postcrossing (also the ones you get when you pull a new address) as junk mail, so the mails didn’t even make it to the junk mail box, but were completely lost.

I complained to my provider, but the Postcrossing team also took care of it somehow and a few days later the messages were coming through again.

In the meantime I used another e-mail address to recieve my messages from Postcrossing.


If people don’t write anything, the sender will still get a Hurray email telling that the postcard had been registered.


I have yet to pull new address…!

Hurray.!! Finally got emails from Postcrossing, at least for pulling address.

Pulled 04 Address, but got emails for 03 only.

Definitely there’s some issue.

Now it seems that whatever, was the issue, is now resolved. Finally yesterday evening I got Hurray message on my email for IN-446099 :love_letter:.

Thank you Team.