[NOT A BUG] Missing country at offsite

Hi there!

Just wanna check what country Mongolia could sending to, but I have found that it absent in list …

Is it normal?

At same time Mongolia is mentioned in list of “can’t send to” in countries with suspensions…

Hi Dmytro

It means that no one has reported about Mongolia’s postal services. Same goes for China, for example.

The Postal Monitor works by volunteers giving information, so if a country is not on it, means there is no information being offered


@ursa , France is not in the list either because we have no restriction.
Maybe Mongolia can send everywhere too ?


There are recent cards from Mongolia, it’s easy enough to see in the gallery. I’ve contacted people who have sent cards from there and it can be anywhere from a week to several months, depending on the destination.


There are a number of countries like that. I recently came back from Papua New Guinea which also has no listing in the Postal Monitor. I was confused about this so contacted PNG Post and they said they had no restrictions in sending to any country around the world FROM Papua New Guinea (even though many countries have restrictions sending TO Papua New Guinea). I think Mongolia is similar although I am still waiting to hear back officially from the post office there.

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Here’s the translation from the official site:

Our postmen, who aim to become a digital mail and delivery company, aim to deliver high-quality comprehensive services to everyone, and honorably carry out exchange services in 21 provinces, 330 districts, 1200 teams, and 201 countries, including the fastest form of mail, express mail, with 36 countries.

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The question is about the postal monitor, not Ukraine specifically (although that can be inferred), nor is it addressed to me specifically. That said, I’d have to take a closer look at all the cards. The problem is that there are only a handful of postcrossers who have sent from there, so the odds that Ukraine shows up is low (as are many other countries, even high profile ones). IIRC, Russia and other eastern European countries show up more, as does the US, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t send cards to other destinations, as it says on the Mongolia post website, they send to 201 countries.

It would be great if a moderator could chime in and say definitely how things work for Mongolian postcrossers, if there are restrictions to destinations they can send to, or if it’s just the luck of the draw.

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@Chieusa is actively working on the postal monitor, so she might be best suited to answer this question.

I know that a country won’t appear on the postal monitor if the country accepts mail to all countries. Kind of pointless to have it listed as “does not accept mail to 0 countries”, I guess. But I understand that some would prefer to see such entries to get a confirmation that they send postcards everywhere.
While I guess this is the reason Mongolia doesn’t show up on the postal monitor, I don’t want to be quoted on it.


The postal monitor is not 100% reliable. The post offices in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia claim to be sending everywhere except Israel, but the reality is that they aren’t sending mail anywhere. When I tried to mail cards there, already stamped, the postal workers looked at me like I was asking them to serve me an ice cream cone. One clerk in Kuwait agreed to take the cards going to certain destinations (USA, Germany and UK), but eight months later, nothing has arrived.


The Postal Monitor is on a best effort basis. There are several countries that we have no official information about.

There are many countries that don’t publish the information and/or do not reply to our multiple queries. Sometimes, for less active countries in Postcrossing, not even the postal operator itself knows very well what’s reachable because it depends on the ocasional flights and their available cargo space, third-party postal operators, if they have paid their debts to the airlines (yep…), etc. So, some just reply they can send everywhere and it goes into a backlog that may or may not reach the destination.

I’m closing this topic because this is not a bug in Postcrossing and there’s a better topic for this. If there are still questions left, please post them there.