North America "I spy..." tag

I’ve just realized that this topic did not get moved from the old Forum. Here are the rules which were posted there:

Hi everyone, this tag is based on the international one. It’s similar to a request tag, but you keep what you “spy” very general and it is open to the interpretation of the person tagging how to fulfill your request.

This is not a tag for requesting specific types of cards!

For example, you could say “I spy a cat” and you might get a photo or drawing of a cat, a tiger, Hello Kitty, etc. You can spy a map, but not a map of a specific place. Clear enough?

If no one tags you within five days, I’ll ask you to revise your request.

I am the next to be tagged, so I will repeat my post from the old Forum, where I tagged sleepykitty and posted:

I spy a provincial or state park or protected area of some type.

You can share the postcards you’ve received from this tag on this topic.

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I spy water.

tag @FrogSalad

I spy a pinecone.

Tag @CrimsonKing

I spy a reflection.

Tag @hootnoodle

I spy a snowy landscape (country or city).

Tag @JasonDavid

I spy joy!

Tag @hootnoodle

I spy something red

tag @Kanada123

I spy a bunny.

tag @CrimsonKing

I spy someone having fun.

tag @hootnoodle

I spy… a rainbow.

Revised to add:

I spy … someone with a smile

Tag @Ukucaitie

I spy… something strange!

Tag @avery27

I spy a boy.

tag jaqueposts

I spy a hat.

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Tag @hootnoodle

I spy a clock

Tag @ellistrations

I spy a tree

Tag @technoruby

I spy something strange

Tag @avery27

I spy a butterfly.

Tag @theosprey247

I spy a monster or a scary creature

tag @KatieM

I spy… a famous person or cartoon