✅ No Preview of YouTube videos with normal link possible

It is no longer possible to preview a YouTube video with the normal browser link.
In the post only the normal link is shown and in the editor preview I get the following message

It is only possible with the short link https://youtu.be/6NXnxTNIWkc


I have the same problem.

The first time it happens to me was one week ago.

As I don’t post videos a lot I first thought I made something wrong (and that’s because I didn’t mentioned it earlier), but as I am not the only one :thinking:

It makes no different whether I use my PC or my Android phone (both Chrome Browser, just if it’s necessary to know).

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There’s a discussion on this here:


It seems Google has made changes that is preventing the oneboxing to work as expected.

As @anon12838227 mentioned, the Discourse team is working on a fix, but I don’t know when that will reach us as we don’t run this forum on the bleeding edge version of Discourse, but on the stable one (which is released less frequently).

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Thank you @paulo and @anon12838227

So we have to use the short link - that’s okay.
But you just have to know that…

A fix for this has been implemented and it should reach us when the next stable version is release which is likely to be only next month. If there’s a workaround (using the short url), it’s preferable to try to use that for the moment as the alternative would be to switch (temporarily) to a beta version which can come with a different set of problems.

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