No “hurray” email

is there a glitch. 3 cards were registered by the recipient and no email was sent to me. was it because the sender just registered it without putting anything in the body which I have never done. since the sender took time to send, only polite to give a few words back. but 3 cards in a row. and no it was not send to my spam folder.

It doesn’t matter if they write anything, you should still get a message. There has been problems with Hotmail accounts before, if that’s what you have.

I have received 2 other emails already since then. it is just those 3 disappeared

and now 2 more have disappeared. sometimes people ask you a question and it looks like I ignored them. PC please fix problem. thanks.

Have you tried getting in touch with the PostCrossing team through the contact form on the main website? They might be able to check and help you solve the problem.

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Please contact the support on the mainpage


thank you for that suggestion. totally didn’t do that before. and happy 16th birthday to us😄

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We’ll follow up on your email via the Contact form, since it’s a little hard to debug these things on a forum. :slight_smile:

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