Newbie with a question?

Hello from Ontario Canada. Just mailed off yesterday 5 PC to Germany, I now understand it may take awhile.

Here is my question. Who do I get a PC from the recipient or someone else?
Second question. Can you get the same person to send a PC too again?

Grateful to be here.
Mdm Samm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

sitting here writing to you …


Welcome! When your cards arrive and get registered in a week or so your name is added to a pool and randomly given to any member in the world. Its unlikely that you will get a card from anyone you send to.
Since all 5 were German addresses you may have the “send to same country” box checked in your profile. If so, uncheck that for more variety.


So appreciate your response Izzy, and yes I figured out that after I received all from same country, it is now unchecked for future. I thought, wow, lots of postcrossers in Germany :slight_smile:

It’s actually even impossible, you are only matched with one particular account once. So you can’t send to someone you have received from or the other way around.


You were half right though - there are lots of Postcrossers in Germany!

It is as Izzy said - you get a card from an (almost) random member, not a card back from the person you sent to.

As for your second question, I don’t believe the algorithm will ever match you with the same recipient again. It is not a truly random system, but rather a very complex one which mimics randomness, but with a few rules, like not matching the same people twice.

I can’t tell whether you were hoping for that, concerned by the possibility, or just curious, but if you want ongoing penpals the forum is a better place to find them. Also, if you ever get a postcard message or draw a profile of someone you really click with, you could always ask if they are looking for penpals :slightly_smiling_face:


There is only one possibility of getting the same person twice, and that is if your card travels to them for more than a year. At that point, the information about the card is removed from the system. As there is no record of it, you could draw their address, or they might draw yours. But that scenario is very rare. I’ve only ever heard of it happening once or twice.


Welcome to Postcrossing, Samantha!

Germany is only 5th place in members’ numbers…

…but 1st place in numbers of sent cards, our community is very active. :blush:

Luckily our mail service is quick, so your cards should arrive soon. :wink:


Ohhh you are all so knowledgable, so appreciative you sharing that with me…

mdm sam

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this is amazing. now I would never have thought of that list…so appreciate the visual too…

mdm samm

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totally awesome response. grateful for the note and smiles…

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ok, gotcha…started to get a good idea how this works…

grateful to you.

How wonderful to see your note…yes just curious…for sure. Love the idea if you click with someone you can engage through forum and onwards…will most certainly consider that…

touche, you are tops.
mdm samm

I’ve come to really appreciate sending cards to Germany since they arrive pretty quickly and then another slot opens for me to send another card. I really enjoy the process of picking out cards for people.


Me too @Malocar! That’s why I’ve sent to my own country for over three years - the cards arrived in two days and I got a free slot again. Until the process accelerated so much that I couldn’t keep up with writing so many cards… :upside_down_face: Now I don’t send to my own country anymore.


Now that is such joy…I am waiting anxiously for that too…

Mdm samm

Btw, you have a very lovely study! I’m a bit envious. :blush:

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Well thank you…that lounger is where I am sitting still…I have two loungers in this room…it matches my bathroom have a thing for yellow gingham and painting…

Or surprising I love being home….x


Oh, how pretty! :heart_eyes:

(Please stop posting photos, or I’ll have to move in with you. :smile:)


Well you could visit ….too funny…

@mdmsamm Welcome to the Postcrossing and Forum Community :wink: and I agree with dear Cassisia - both your study and bathroom look so beautiful and cozy :heart_eyes: