Newbie with a question?

How nice of you to say…not everyone would like this but for me, it shouts sunshine …

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There’s another option as well: If someone has two profiles, you might get matched with them twice.


Look at all you are teaching me- thank you for sharing your knowledge

You could try and put your adress on the cards u send.
I generally dont do this but i will send a thank you card if someone does.
I’m also a newbie and received 1 card out of 14 with a return adress. He was really happy with the return card!!


Lovely idea’ I found it hard to have enough room for their address, perhaps I should make some wee stickers ;). Ok, a question when we have our ID # on card don’t they know it is from what country?

Its was a really small sticker for the returnadress;1.5×1.5cm at most!
Yes they do,The first 2 letters of the id tag indicate the country.
I like this actually!

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Well I am on it…return label….wink

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Just wanna say you have such a lovely room :heart_eyes:

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Sometimes the recipient of your card may ask you when registering your card if you’d like one in return. If someone has the ‘interested in direct swaps’ option ticked you could also do the same when registering theirs. You could probably ask anyway if you choose and don’t mind sending unofficial cards. (I’ve been in this situation a few times but have unticked that option as I was always being requested to purchase expensive philately for people :angry:. Not sure if people will still offer to send one now!)


How kind of you to say….do have a lovely day

So grateful for some clarity, considering cost to send just a pc from Canada $2.71 and cost of cards,I cannot imagine sending anything else. I certainly have friends I send packages to on special occasions and that usually costs me hundreds of dollars per year and I like them a lot :smiley: I can’t imagine ever asking anyone for anything extra….the biggest gift is knowing someone cared to write you….

Ps. I absolutely enjoyed reading your ‘about you’ page…you would love anything anyone sends…now that is te spirit :slight_smile: I have noted a few with a long list of must haves—-they would certainly be so disappointed in me for not adhering to their request….I suppose that may happen…

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Much depends on the mood i’m in and the tone of the requests.
I’ve send a bag of tea with a card in an enveloppe to one of my adresses. Just for fun because she was a tealover.
It still on its way but i hope she likes it :slight_smile: :grinning:

Ok, now that I could do too. Canada or perhaps it is our postmistress here but they always take all my envelopes and check for thickness and place in slot, always end up paying a few dollars more…so I try to be very inventive on anything extra, stickers, buttons, ribbons…here is to your lucky recipient may she find your gesture pleasurable… good evening to you….

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