New symbol on maps

Did anyone notice the new symbols on the distance maps of sent/received/traveling postcards?
They look so nice and are a great replacement of the old “A” and “B” symbols :smiley:

Edit: I just found out the little mailbox on the profile page was also replaced


I just saw it some minutes ago and wondered if it’s new or if I’ve just overlooked it for a while.

I love the new design too - great!!!

I first looked it’s a tongue sticking out, then it looked like ice lolly :laughing:, until I saw it’s a mail box.
It’s cute.


I love it! But I was confused at seeing a Euro style mailbox at my home, and a US style mailbox in Europe :rofl:


I love it! Previously the sent colour under the person’s profile matched the received on the map and I found it really confusing. Now the colours match up too!

Happy to see people liking the little icon tweak! :slight_smile:

We battled a bit with the colors and types of mailboxes too: unfortunately postboxes (where you put you mail in) and mailboxes (where you receive your mail) are not universal and may be interpreted a bit differently from country to country, depending on shape, color, placement, etc — there’s no ideal solution for it. Hopefully now that the path curve is animated it helps disambiguating which one is which.

These changes are part of a slow ongoing process of replacing old, low resolution images that look poorly (blurred) on newer, high resolution screens (mobile phones, retina displays, etc).


Hello! I have one praise and one criticism of some new things I’ve seen on the maps.

  1. I’m a fan of the new line that moves from the origin to destination on the postcard maps. Super cool. :slight_smile:

  2. I’m not a fan of the new icons on the map (red and blue postboxes). It looks a bit too ‘cartoonish’ for me. I think the page as a whole looks very well put-together, but these icons seem to be a deviation from the overall feel.

Just my opinions…thanks for all y’all do!


We discussed it already here and I move your post there.

Could we make such icons configurable by user?
As for me these new icons are ugly. They ruin the view of the page. The previous options suited much better for the site.

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I wouldn’t go as far as saying they ruin the view of the page for me, but do these icons have to be so huge? You can hardly see the map for mailboxes. :wink:

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To me the new mailboxes look a bit kitchy, sorry!

I don’t care for the new mail boxes either. They are too big.

I’m not in favour. Post crossing is a global endeavour but is using a standard of one country - :us: - which doesn’t sit well with me. Please use green and red arrows instead, or another (more inventive) pair of symbols.

Aren’t American postboxes blue? The outgoing box in Finland looks like that, but is orange.
I really like the new ones, I think these have “air mail” colours, just like the Postcrossing logo :slight_smile:

(If I could decide, it would show the true place where the sender left their mail, and the receivers mail slot or box, but I understand it’s not happening :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

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I don’t like the new icons either. Too big and childish or from comics. Can I change that for me? :wink:

I’ve never seen a US mailbox that looks like the red one, though? Like @S_Tuulia said, our mailboxes are blue and shaped differently.

Anyway, I like them!