New symbol?

Today we could see green icons. As for me personally they ruin existing design as green color is not a blue one like on other elements and the icons themselves are … strange.
Could it be possible to find some other icons that suit the design better?

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And they continue to be ugly.
Chome 89


@Paulo seems to be working on the page right now, so let’s wait a moment, maybe this whole situation will be resolved soon.

In my traveling and sent/received I see these symbols:

We should maybe have put an “under construction” sign on the page, while we’re working out these details… Turns out, emojis are tricky! :sweat_smile:

Please bear with us while we give it a few more tries and see what we can find.


Here is mine, on my phone:

Mine look like this (google chrome):

We have temporarily reverted the Framed picture (aka Mona Lisa and Ninja cat!) emoji while we try to find one that works better across different platforms.


I agree it might be the browser you use, or maybe the country you live in

It got back to normal


I think it’s an emoji thing? Like the same emoji is rendered differently depending on which library your device uses.


I had those symbols different from yours all. The uploaded picture is like an empty box and no-uploaded seems to be the symbol of the Finnish Mission Society with their green cross-symbol. Confusing!

I noticed the changes too but now it is normal (like before) again.
It was funny to see how many different options y‘all had



I have read the comments today and :crystal_ball: I haven’t seen any strange emoticons.
Everything was and is normal.

On this PC I use Windows 10 and Google Chrome.

Why do you have to find a new emoji at all? Is there a problem with the old/current one I’m not seeing?

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@siobhan The reason is stated here

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Thanks! I didn’t see that thread.

I personally have fading eye-sight, and I find the new symbol for a card not uploaded much harder to see and distinguish from the symbol for a uploaded card than the old one. I only use a PC.


Heehee! As a fellow web developer, I understand this sentiment completely! You’re all doing a fantastic job (I even wrote about PC and added a whole series based on it because of your wonderful work).

I noticed the cross hair for missing received cards had changed, but not my cards with images icon.

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