New Stamps issued in 2024

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I’m excited for the Shaker Design stamps and Ansel Adams b&w photography stamps!


United Nations


It would be sooooo cool if there was a series of Ansel Adams maxicards, eh @roxsm! :sunglasses:


Here’s the little info I could find on Canada Post’s 2024 stamp program - almost no specific dates again sadly.

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Part of the continuing Black History Month series, is a stamp honouring Mary Ann Shadd. An abolitionist, educator, newspaper publisher and lawyer, Shadd broke boundaries throughout her life as she fought for the rights of Black people and women.

Short video on her:

A short article on Shadd:


Can old version of French stamps ( none Euro face value ) still be used nowadays?

Hello, I believe the answer is yes, as explained by one of the French members in my RR


Slovenian Post:slovenia: - January 2024 issue

Lily stamps are self-adhesive, definitive stamps.


Thank you for sharing pictures of the new 2024 Slovenian stamps. What I really like from Slovenian stamps except their high aesthetic value is how well organized is the annual program. I am really looking forward to the three Famous Persons stamps. I am a great fan of this theme and Slovenia is doing it great.

Although beautiful, some Slovenian stamps do indeed have slightly too high value to be useful in postcard exchange (unless swapping them really a lot in envelope) … or their values are unpractical and require several additional stamps, meaning less available space for writing.
Buying lower valued stamps can also be complicated - not because they would not exists, but because only bigger post offices have them.

Some post office personnel is also not keen on requests for commemorative stamps (bigger and more colorful), but they prefer to sell smaller, self-adhesive definitive stamps.

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The USPS has lovely high-value stamps for priority mail … definitely not for letter and postcard writing. These two are being released soon:

A bit of an aside - In 2022 these were released that I loved. I was fortunate enough to receive the Monument Valley stamp in a package (non-postcrossing related)


USPS will issue the John Wooden Forever Stamp, on February 24,2024.

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January 20th 2024 (Taiping 150th Annivessary)

Turns out this new stamp was only announced 18th, when first day of the Palestine stamp being publically for sale. I completely missed the stamps because I didn’t expect new stamps in 2 days but I myself will go soon to see if they still have any stock left.


Designs are not available yet, but the topics for Royal Mail’s 2024 stamp program in the UK were recently announced-
1 February- Weather forecasting
20 February- Viking Britain.
12 March- the age of the dinosaurs
16 April- Royal Mail will have an issue to mark 100 years of commemorative stamps
16 May- Peppa Pig
6 June- Dogs
20 June- an issue to honor the 60th anniversary of the Red Arrows, the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team.
25 July- Dungeons & Dragons
13 August- Tower of London
3 September- Porridge (Probably the tv show, not the food)
26 September- Spiders
17 October- The Who
5 November- Christmas issue
30 November- Honoring the 150th Anniversary of Winston Churchill’s birth

More info here- Great Britain’s 2024 commemorative stamp program


Letter circulated in 2021 with values in euros and francs (stamp of the year 1954)


No. 3194. Joint release of the Administrations of the telecommunications countries - members of the RCC. Mailboxes

No. 3195. 150th anniversary of the birth of V.E. Meyerhold (1874–1940), director, teacher


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I found some old Ansel Adams postcard books on Amazon. 8 am going to try and make my own maxi cards when the stamps are issued.


Pleade show them here. Look forward how they will look like