New Stamps issued in 2022

Finally! The long wait is over - there will be a Postcrossing stamp from Germany in 2022!
The responsible Ministry of Finance published the special stamp programme for 2022 on its website on 04.12.2020. Read the announcement here:
So now “Postcrossing” is actually included as a theme with a stamp! I have not yet seen a preview of what the stamp will look like, but at least there is finally one!
There will probably be a flyer showing this stamp as a preview in December 2021 at the latest. I am curious!
In Germany, by the way, every citizen can make suggestions for stamps. These must be submitted to the Ministry of Finance by 15.09.2021 for the 2023 issues. Which (long) way a stamp has to go in Germany can be read here:
Many greetings - Fabian :slight_smile:


Well, wasn’t it the case that they wanted to make a Pikachu stamp in 2020 and then didn’t? Let’s see if they’ll stick with the Postcrossing one. :smiley:


…oh, GOD please let there be a Pikachu stamp. :heartbeat::sob::heartbeat:

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Doesn’t Nintendo own Pokémon? I heard that they are notoriously skittish about other people using their property. For example, they cancelled a Legend of Zelda series on Netflix because of leaks.

For all relevant purposes, yes, Nintendo owns Pokémon (I guess it’s complicated).

As far as a Legend of Zelda series cancellation…GOOD. :cold_sweat: Even assuming that Netflix learned their lessons after the last attempt at a series, I would be highly skeptical of a Netflix Zelda anything, frankly. :grimacing:

…but Pokémon (or Zelda) postage stamps? Give the people what they want, Nintendo! :sweat_smile:

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damn are we here already? Let’s get through 21 first. Haha.

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All right. There is still some time. But the anticipation was stronger than the restraint. :smiley: - As the German poet of the Swabian School Eduard Mörike said: “You must always have something to look forward to.” (“Man muss immer etwas haben, worauf man sich freut.”) :hugs:

Hello everybody! By now it is clear when a Postcrossing stamp will appear in Germany. It will be in the fourth quarter on 6 October 2022!

But it remains exciting: the motif has not yet been published. So it’s worth checking the pages of the Federal Ministry of Finance every now and then for an update. Here are the links and the current flyer for the annual programme of special postage stamps (as of 17 December 2021):

Christmas Greetings from Germany … Fabian :slight_smile: :evergreen_tree:

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There is another topic to discuss the 2022 stamps (and the German Postcrossing stamp already) on the forum, so I’ll close this one here.