New Stamps issued in year 2022

Year of Tiger 2022 Japan


I love how playful the tiger is! Just like other cats. :wink:


Year of Tiger 2022 China


beautiful stamps

Canada Post doesn’t give out pictures ahead of time sadly, but here’s a fairly complete subject list for 2022.

I sat in on a webinar hosted by Canadian Stamps News tonight & they had Canada Post’s Stamp Services Director Jim Phillips on as he is about to retire & he shared most of the new stamp list for 2022 - it will be much shorter than 2021 - so here it is - not sure about the order.

Oh and there will be no usual stamp price increase in Jan 2022 - could happen later in the year.

-Black History - Jazz & Blues singers:

Eleanor Collins

Salome Bey

-Flowers - white & deep pink calla lilies

-Organ & tissue donation

-Endangered whales

-Vintage travel posters (5 of them - 1 per region)

-Indigenous leaders (1st year of 2) - 3 stamps, each one chosen by First Nations, Métis & Inuit groups

-Vintage carousels

-50th anniversary of the 1972 Team Canada hockey team

-Canadians in Flight Part 2

-Tommy Prince - Indigenous WWII hero - Remembrance Day

-Truth & Reconciliation stamp

-Queen’s Platinum Jubilee


Ano Lunar do Tigre

Macau SAR



What a nice stamp! Like everything here


Wow, thank you for posting these I tried to find the images but only saw the two in the press release. I am most excited for the blueberry stamp. :joy: Rowing one looks cool. Would probably get the marine life too.


Excellent old cars :+1:

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Here’s a link to where you can read about them and see all the pictures.


Norwegian list of upcoming stamps:

03 Jan - Roald Amundsen 150 years - New Stamps issued in year 2022 - #43 by borealis
17 Jan - Postal service 375 years - New Stamps issued in year 2022 - #64 by borealis
22 Apr - Europa stamps + royal anniversaries - New Stamps issued in year 2022 - #279 by borealis
17 Jun - Pride + postal horn - New Stamps issued in year 2022 - #438 by borealis
01 Oct - Arctic Museum 150 years + research, innovation, technology + postal horn 150 years - New Stamps issued in year 2022 - #604 by borealis
11 Nov - Volunteering + Christmas - New Stamps issued in year 2022 - #716 by borealis


Here are Chinese stamp programme for 2022:

1.壬寅年-Lunar New Year: Year of the tiger

2.中白建交三十周年-30th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Between China and Belarus

3.中国名亭(二)-The famous pavilion in China (2)

4.北京2022年冬奥会开幕纪念-Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony

5.中墨建交五十周年-50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Between China and Mexico

6.中国古典文学名著——《红楼梦》(五)- A Dream of Red Mansions (5) – One of China’s Famous Classical Literary Works

7.世界自然遗产——中国南方喀斯特 -​World Natural Heritage – Karst in South China

8.中国共产主义青年团成立一百周年——​The 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Youth League of China

9.​中国古镇(四)-Ancient Town in China(4)

10.​洞庭湖-Dongting Lake

11.我和祖国一起成长-​I grew up with my motherland

12​.东南大学建校一百二十周年-120th Anniversary of Southeast University

13.成都第三十一届世界大学生奥运会-​The 31st World University Olympic Games in Chengdu

14.张仲景-​Zhang Zhongjing

15​.第一部《中国共产党章程》通过一百周年-The 100th Anniversary of the adoption of the First Constitution of the Communist Party of China

16.中国篆刻-​Chinese seal cutting

17.秦腔-​Shaanxi Opera

18.中国空间站-​China Space Station

19.​动画——黑猫警长- Cartoon-- Black Cat Sheriff

20.中国现代科学家(九)-​Chinese contemporary scientists(9)

21.北京师范大学建校一百二十周年-​120th Anniversary of Beijing Normal University

22.杭州2022年第十九届亚洲运动会-Hangzhou 2022 19th Asian Games

23.​虎(文物)-Tiger (Heritage)


25.中国共产党第二十次全国代表大会-the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

26.国家公园-​National Park

27.姑苏繁华图-​Flourishing City of Gusu/Suzhou’s Golden Age(Ancient Chinese painting)(I’m not sure which is the universal translation)

28.水电建设-​Hydropower construction



A Dream of Red Mansions (5) – One of China’s Famous Classical Literary Works


Year of Tiger


The Year of the Rabbit stamp of Åland will be issued on 20 October 2022.


My banjo-player hubby will be delighted with the Pete Seeger stamp.
Thanks for the list!


Aland Post always release lunar new year stamps a few months in advance, that is, in October each year😅


Here’s the list for Hong Kong (January to June):

  1. Year of the Tiger 2022/01/18

  2. Gold and Silver Stamp Sheetlet on Lunar New Year Animals – Ox/Tiger 2022/01/18

  3. XXIV Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 2022/02/04

  4. Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development 2022/02/18

  5. China’s Aerospace Development 2022/04/21

  6. Local Snacks in Hong Kong II 2022/05/26

  7. Hong Kong Palace Museum 2022/06/30
    Design to be confirmed


My Journey series No.7, Japan Post


The Swedish stamp issue program for 2022 has now been published with the pics of the first sets to come :slight_smile:

To be issued on 13th of January

Povel Ramel 100 years

Domestic value with 5 motifs.

SIS 100 years

International value (to be raised to 26 SEK on 1st of January) with 5 motifs + domestic value, 1 motif.

I am little confused about this issue but why not. I guess we may as well celebrate security standards. Nice design anyway.

Queen Silvia

The traditional international value stamp with queen Silvia’s portrait. They are still using the old portrait, but as international postage is raised again the stamp is issued with new colour and value (once again).

The other coming issues for 2022:

28th of April

Sweden’s national flower - in 2021 Sweden voted for an official national flower. The issue will include 10 finalists + the winner (harebell)
Domestic booklet with 5 motifs
Domestic coil stamp, 1 motif
International coil stamp, 1 motif
This one will also include the Europa stamp! According to the information now, it will be “midsummer night flower magic”. Because this issue includes so many different stamps, I assume the Europa stamp is going to be the international value coil stamp.

500 years of Swedish navy
Minisheet with 3 motifs (I am expecting heavily historical themes with this one)

25th of August

Folk costume
Coil stamp with 100SEK value

Domestic value booklet with 5 motifs. Seems like this one will be a competition just like the dog stamps couple of years back, but they haven’t announced it yet.

5th of November

Christmas stamp
Special value, 10 motifs
Domestic value coil stamp, 1 motif

Winter stamp
Domestic value booklet, 5 motifs

Only 4 issue dates for 2022 and the amount of stamps is decreasing :confused: Only 2 international stamps, one minisheet, Europa stamp will be a coil stamp this year too, no smaller value stamps… Mostly just domestic values…