New flower stamps/ existing flower stamp

has anyone seen any new flower stamps? some of the flower stamps that i got in the mail were cool i will post pictures soon.


Are you referring to these?

They are new this year!


yes i have seen those and plenty more and i am referring to other stamps from other countries.

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Makes sense, I wasn’t sure from the way your question was stated.

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We have some “newer” flower stamps in Germany, but I don’t have pictures of them. They are part of the “ongoing series” of stamps, and not commemoratives. The new ones are the same shape and size, just with different flowers. I know the 5-cent, 45-cent and 50-cent have changed over the past couple of years.To be honest, I don’t know why they changed them. Maybe other German Forum users who are more observant than I am can help out a bit!

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The German flower definitives:

grafik grafik

I think they changed the most used values (postcard, standard letter) several times.


Now I want to collect all of those :see_no_evil:


I have some of the german definitives but not a lot

I have been desperately trying to collect those German flower definitives, but every time when I think I have got all, new ones just pops up out of nowhere! Not even mentioning that some of them has so much higher postage value that it is rare to get them… They have to ran out of flowers one day, right?

No new flower stamps from Sweden since 2019… Thought, the “Precious nature” sheet that was first issued this January did have also flowers.

Another flower series I have been looking for are the “Beauty of flowers” stamps from Czech Republic. Sadly I have so far found only three of them.


@Kompis-Ninna I am also trying to collect these German flowers - I have over 30 of them but they are too many, but about a month ago due to other topic on the forum I found out that their Rose stamp is flovored, and the one in my collection still “works”

As for our country, I was surprised but according to our postal services site the latest stamps devoted to flowers were issued in 2017 - The Central Botanical Garden of NAS of Belarus. Flowers (1198, 1199)
but I prefer stamps devoted to The Central Botanical Garden of NAS of Belarus that were issued even earlier or or


Finnish Posti has issued two sheets of flower stamps this year.

These have some flowers too eventhough I think the animals are the main point.


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I agree, the older ones are much nicer.

Canada Post released two for celebrating the beauty of spring on March 1


Okay wow I seriously had no idea that there were so many! Someone from Germany recently sent me several used stamps from the German flower definitives, and I thought wow I might just have the entire collection now as I saw a lot of new stamps which I did not have. Well, I thought wrong! :rofl: I need to buck up on my collection haha.


For today’s mail to USA I used these beautiful flower stamps from Indonesia - Turkey join issue


Germany’s flower definitives have existed since 2005. In the last 16 years there have been issued 64 different nominations and motifs. Most of them are discontinued due to changes in shipping costs.
At the moment the most common ones are the 5,10,15, 20, 60, 80 and 95 cent ones. Also leftovers of 45, 55, 58, 62, 70,85 and 90 cents are used more often.


There are also Latvian flower definitives:

And Romania also has some flower stamps:


The latest Indonesian stamps with flowers are probably these rare giants :

and there are also sets of stamps with orchids distributions in 34 provinces :


Love the Rafflesia and Amorphophallus! :smiley: When our Amorphophallus titanum in the botanical garden bloomed, it was a huuuge event and I feel like my botany prof camped at the greenhouse. :joy: