New Experience

I’ve had an email from someone - a stranger, obvs - asking me if I received his postcard sent last November.

It’s highly unlikely that anyone would have an unregistered postcard knocking about for four months, surely? I register all cards within 1-3 days of receiving them depending on what’s going on in my life, but four months?

It’s very strange. Looking at his profile which rings no bells whatsoever, he’s logged two expired postcards. Therefore, shouldn’t mine be a third one after four months? :thinking:


Given the pandemic, lots more cards are taking longer & so yes, 4 months isn’t as unusual as it used to be. I have 2 cards over that right now. And I still have hope for one more going to a rarer country.

You could ask Admin to check it for you.


I sent a postcard from Germany to a very active member in Taiwan on 4th of November and it still hasn’t arrived yet :woman_shrugging:t3:
Doesn’t sound so unusual to me.


I’ve just got a postcard, that traveled 248 days…
But the postmark was 18th February, so it seems like the second card sended, and the first one didn’t make it…


I lately received a card from Russia sent in July 2020. It took the scenic route and made a detour to Taiwan. Ultimately it travelled 206 days. Everything is possible.


France > England is not going to take four months, therefore it’s gone missing. Point is, why email me about it? I politely replied asking for an image of said card, he didn’t provide an ID number.

Wouldn’t that be up to the sender, not me? And all they could say is “it wasn’t registered”?

I find it very strange that someone should ask = worry about one card gone missing. It happens all the time. I’ve got six expireds and they don’t bother me. :puzzled:

Lots of people ask about their expired cards. They want to make sure the card in question hasn’t been misplaced or forgotten by accident.

As evidenced by multiple posts on this and the previous forum, it actually does happen and sometimes these cards get registered after the initial question because they were indeed forgotten/misplaced by the recipient.


I received one card last December from France after 359 days :woman_shrugging:

And about finding it strange to ask/worry, for me asking something doesn’t hurt, you know you can get a no I didn’t receive anything, but you can also get a yes, it arrived and I forget to register it.
As @_Hawkwind_ said everything is possible.


No, it’s not. It happened to me once. I only noticed by chance when I was uploading them to my site (with a hugh delay obviously). I received plenty of cards that day, and one slipped through. I was 100% sure that I had already registered it.

And sometime I asked about one of my sent cards, and the person remembered it (I described it). It has been fallen behind a sideboard before registering and soon was forgotten… until they received my message and went on a hunt :sweat_smile:

So there is always a chance!


It could take that long - I’ve had 90 + on a number of Canada/US cards.

People want to know their cards arrive that’s why they ask and some people worry about this a lot (often newer members) and have sent multiple cards to try & get one through.

I’ve heard in some cases, asking the recipient did result in a card being registered. We’re not all perfect, sometimes cards get overlooked or mislaid eh?


Why not? Things can happen, like users forgetting to register a card when they receive three or four a day, or users can’t read the ID and forget to ask the admins (or they don’t know that’s possible, or users were distracted that day, or or or

In my eyes, there is nothing that speaks against a friendly email if a card was received. I did it with many of my expired cards, and some few users indeed were thankful for the reminder. (Note that I don’t mean insisting on registration with ID included)


Thank you all for your replies.

FWIW I never forget to register cards, or misplace them. I have a really easy “system”. Cards come through letter box in the front door. I look at them, then I put them on this desk. Then I register them, either that day or in the next few days depending on what’s happening in my life. It’s as simple as that!

Thank you all for your replies. This one ain’t my problem. :upside_down_face:

No it’s not unusual.

I received cards from the USA recently from July and August 2020.


Why is it not your problem? That’s a bit rude, isn’t it? The person spent money and time on sending you a card and now they just want to know whether it arrived or not. That person was right to ask you and you are the one who is not being very kind at all.


We are all human. We could just make a mistake someday :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:


The sender doesn’t know you have a “system”, or that you “never forget”. Maybe you could add that to your profile, so everyone knows never to message you in this scenario :upside_down_face:


I have a system, too. Very easy one (unregistered cards have another place than registered ones), but cards might stick together or else. Or you get distracted while registering. I would never have imagined that it happened to me one day… but well :woman_shrugging:t2:


Did you read the Help Section when you joined Postcrossing?
Probably not, otherwise you would have read this note:

Traveling time depends on the postal system of the respective countries so while some postcards may arrive after a few days, it is not uncommon that postcards take over a month to arrive. If a long time has passed (ie: more than a month) since the date in which you’ve mailed your card, you may try to contact the recipient through private message to ask whether the postcard has arrived (the ID might be blurred, illegible, etc.). Please note that you cannot ask members to register your postcard before it arrives in their mailbox.

So you see: The sender of the card didn’t nothing wrong.


I had this once.

When my card was registered I got a Hurray Mail with “Sorry for registering your card so late. I got it some months ago but was too lazy to log on my account. And as it’s only a postcard and nothing important I take my time”



Gasp :scream: