What am I suppose to do when a card expires?

So I’m about to have my 1st expired card. But what am I actually suppose to do, like I know another slot opens up for you to send another card. But am I suppose to message the person I sent it too to tell them it’s expiring, do I not message them and send them another one, do I do both?


You don’t need to do anything - neither message the recipient nor send another card. You can send a card if you want but this is absolutely not necessary.


Neither. You’re not ‘supposed’ to do anything at all. It happens all the time to everyone - you’ll get used to it!

If, however, you decide to send another card, or send a message, please don’t expect an answer. Some people hate such messages and actively ignore them.


Especially during these special days, the mail is slow. Even if your card expires after sixty days, it won’t be deleted from the system for yet another ten months. It is possible that the card arrives to the sender before the year is over. I have got cards that have travelled for several months before arriving. Sometimes mail does get lost. If you at some point want to send a second card, that is up to you, but it is not required from you. If the receiver is active, their address will be given to someone else anyway.


Ah fair enough. The person hasn’t been active for over a month but they’ve sent over 1,500 cards so I know it’s more likely they’ve not been on rather than they’ve stopped postcrossing. I’ll probably send them another one

If someone has not been on for over a month even though they have sent tons of card

I probably would not send another card till they log in again

Thing happen in peoples lives and pc may not be the most important thing

Also some countries are taking a 100 plus days these days


Personally, I have a canned message I send regardless letting them know to keep an eye out for it in case they got it and didn’t see the id or just forgot to register it (mistakes happen) and I see if they respond to that or are otherwise active to see if they are reliable enough to send a follow-up card to. That being said I mainly had to do that on another postcard website, my only 2 expired on here are from inactive accounts with 0 registered cards sadly :confused:

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Sometimes cards arrive long after they expired. Just last night a card sent by me from Germany arrived in the US after 156 days.

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Nothing. I don’t send a second card and I don’t message them.


Nothing. You’re not supposed to do anything.

Several times I’ve received a second, re-sent card - and then received the first, original card some time later.

And there’s a discussion currently going on here about messaging people regarding expired cards - New Experience. I would recommend not contacting people about expired cards.


I don’t do anything when a card expires. It’s could be lost, arriving late, or maybe the receiver is not registering for some reason. I shrug it off since it’s unlikely that anyone can do anything about–it’s a better use of my energy to concentrate on the next postcard to send.


I sometimes do nothing, sometimes one of those, sometimes both.
At the moment I’ve only got 2 expired cards within my own country with quite a reliable mailing company and short travel times. I’ve contacted one of them, got an answer and sent 2 resends, but she never registered any. For the other one I also sent another card - no luck on that. For another country a resent card arrived, sometimes a message helped and the users found my cards. But I don’t do that for every expired card! Sometimes I just don’t get a reply for messages. For countries with a slow mailing system I usually don’t do anything either - often the cards arrive within a year. Usually I just see the cards vanish from the system after 365 days and don’t do anything about it.

I’ve sent cards that have expired, so I usually just send another card. The second one usually makes it through, but you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. An expired card just means it won’t become part of your sent stats (unless it arrives within a year after you sent it.

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