Need a help with my postcard

A month ago, I got a address of Iceland. I was worried about postal efficiency, so I chose to send him registered mail. According to the inquiry, the registered letter has arrived and is awaiting receipt. Afterwards, I contacted my friends in the United States and Germany to send him a postcard to remind him to go to the post office to sign register it, but so far to no avail. I don’t know what to do now.

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Have you checked their profile on the main site to see if they’ve been online lately? Sometimes people are on holidays or take a short break.

You can send them a private message on the main site & explain that you sent your card registered mail & ask them if they’ve received it yet. Sometimes if people aren’t expecting registered mail, they ignore the notice slips from the post office.

And you should already be aware, it’s against Postcrossing’s rules to share someone’s address with others.


Please don’t do that again.
It is not allowed to give the address that you got on postcrossing to another person.
You got it only for yourself to send a card.

Sent first a message via the main page of PC as @LC-Canada told you.
If you don’t get an answer after some days you should contact the support
:arrow_right: Contact us with a picture of the receipt of delivery and the proof of delivery.


I strongly advice against sending postcards by registered mail, at least to Scandinavia/Nordic countries. It takes longer because first the post has to send us notice in the mail that there is something to pick up (which takes days) and then you make us travel to the post office to pick up your postcard - we may not have the time for that right away. Personally I get very very (very!) annoyed when I get postcards by registered mail.


I would send another normal card myself.

Here if I’m unable to pick it, it’s returned to the sender, so the original one may be on it’s way back to you.

Thanks so much for your advices!

I will send a postcard to the member by normal mail as soon as possible.


I’ll second this. When I’m not at home, the registered mail (depending from the type, I’m not sure how postcards are handled) is delivered to a post office and they have (at the moment very) limited opening hours and depending from the post office you have to wait up to an hour (guess now with Christmas mail even longer…).
I can remember some postcards via registered mail but it’s the type, where the post(wo)men only confirms that they put the postcard in my mailbox.


We should be considerate of being forced to send postcards by registered mail. After all, as the author of this topic said, he did so because he was worried that the postcard would not reach the recipient. :smile:

But it was wrong for him to send the address he had obtained to others. But I believe he made a mistake and won’t do it again. :joy:


yes, I made a mistake and I have prepared another postcard to the receiver and will send it tomorrow. Thanks for your nice advices❤️


We should also be considerate what it means to the receiver of the card. If I would get a registered mail, it would mean 60 km of driving a car for me… That’s what it takes to go to a nearest post office to get that letter so it would become a very expensive card. We don’t all live in big cities next to a post office.


Of course, if the discussion continues, this goes to the usual problems of the global postal system. Further discussion would be beside the point, so let’s stop there. :joy:

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I just sent a message to that user, indicating the purpose of my registered mail. I sent him a postcard last week, so there are currently three on the way. I will write another one today next month and take a photo to show that I “really” mailed it. If I don’t get any response from this user before February, I will complain to postcrossing immediately. Please do not delete this post. Thank you for understanding.

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It’s very strange to hear the people have to visit their post office, often at a long distance, to collect registered mail.

In India, all registered mail is promptly delivered at receivers home even in small towns.


It is interesting.

Hurray for India

In Russia we have to walk to the post office to pick up registeted mail

Many people avoid receiving registered mail because they are afraid of scams. You can receive unsolicited goods via registered mail and then they can make you pay for these goods even if you did not order anything.

And that’s because many people tend to ignore registered mail


I don’t understand why you don’t contact the support immediately.
It doesn’t make sense to send postcard after postcard without knowing what happened to this Postcrosser.


Aren’t registered mail already paid for by sender?

That is true here as well, but if you are not at home when they make an attempt to deliver it, then a note is left that you have to go to the Post Office to claim it.


In Italy registered mail are delivered at receivers’ home once, but if you are not at home when the postman arrive, they leave a note to advice you must go to the post office starting the following day to collect the registered mail yourself.