Neat old postcard from Deutches Reich era with mail art!

I just wanted to share a recent cover I acquired when I bought a lot of stamps and covers, mostly from Germany. (A country which I collect) It’s a postcard from the Deutches Reich era where someone doodled a little drawing of an owl on the message side! This might be my new favorite thing ever.

Address side:

Message side:


Wow, great. It looks really good.

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Wow, that’s a great card with this drawing. Sadly I have to polish my Sütterlin before I can read the whole thing. :slight_smile: But thank you for sharing.

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Yes, I’m also not really able to read much of it myself, unfortunately. The only thing I can discern is that it was sent by a Romeo to a Clotilde from Bremen to Heidelberg in I think September of 1901?

thats really cool card. thanks for sharing

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Yep, 6. 9. 01

It’s interesting, that at the front side of the card the sender used also a handwriting script and not single letters for the adress. But it’s easy to read. Most of it is the same typ of writing I lerned at school as young student. To be honest, some years ago I trained myself using the Sütterlin font and today I have problems to decipher, what I wrote once :slight_smile:

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That’s a cool card. From an earl to a “damsel of the castle”/“castle maiden”. Interesting.
I could decipher quite a lot of the card, but some important words are still missing.
The house the card is addressed to still looks quite nice nowadays :wink:


Here’s a transcript of the text:

Vielliebes Burgfräulein Clotilde.
Eure liebe Karte hat mich sehr
erfreut. Wie herrlich muß es
sein, dort in den Wäldern u.
auf den Bergen mit Euch herum-
zuklettern; heur ist es schon lange
kalt u. unfreundlich. Ihr theilt mir
schon zum zweiten Male mit, daß ihr photo-
graphische Aufnahmen gemacht habt, darf ich
hoffen, Abzüge davon für meine Heidelberger
Eckchen zu bekommen? Die farren, genannt
“hexenblumen”, scheinen alle zu wachsen. Die Gedichte
werden auch nicht mehr lange ausbleiben. herzl. hulu
Euch und allen Lieben von Eurem Graf Romeo

Someone else can do the translation (or use Google Translator). :stuck_out_tongue:


It isn’t a word by word translation but here is a try to translate it with the flourish of the original: Muchloved damsel of the fortress Clotilde, your kind postcard brought me great joy. How glorious it must be there in the forrest and to climb the mountains with you; the weather here has been unfriendly and cold of late. You are informing me the second time that you engaged in taking photographs, may I hope to receive some copies for my neck of the woods (by word: my little corner of Heidelberg)? The ferns (?? german word unclear to me), called witches flowers, all seem to be growing now. And it won’t be long for poems to appear. Kind (…) to you and your loved ones your count Romeo.


Wow, really interesting to know what it says! I have cursive handwriting myself, but this one was really too indecipherable to me, so I’m glad other people were able to read it and tell what it said :slight_smile:


Oh, thanks from my too to firechair for decoding the card :slight_smile: This oldgerman handwriting is quite a secret code.