NA Alphabet Group Round Robin 🔤

Mailed A17

And my cards for U-16 and V-16 are finally in the mail - really! :upside_down_face:


Group W-16 - Thank you, @hootnoodle, for a card showing the beautiful campus of Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington (lots of Ws there!). My brother went there, too!

A-17 cards are in the mail. Please add me to another group.

So, Mary, I’ll let you close C-17!! Thanks!

I just sent the address list for C-17.


@ellistrations sent me a scene from The Little Mermaid! UNDER THE SEA…
@hootnoodle ULUPALAKUA, Maui. It is overcast and terrible today, so I appreciate the sunny card! I met an elderly doc at the hospital yesterday. I think he’s a radiologist. He mentioned having old colleagues in Olympia, but didn’t recognize your name.

Thank you @AccentOnHakes for the lovely Violet flower field postcard! ! I would love to see these in person!

Thank you @hootnoodle for the lovely waves postcard! Hopefully the holidays later in the year will be more “normal”!

Also, my A17 postcards have started their Adventure!

Can I jump in B17?

@AccentOnHakes - an Upside-down skater, thank you! I had no idea about Soul until a week prior as an announcement for it. It definitely snuck out without much advertising. I saw it and enjoyed it more than I thought.

@hootnoodle - gray Whale, thank you! I have seen humpback whales when I last visited Maui and that was a great sight! I’d love to see other ocean wildlife.

@Beachyblonde - a “wet, white winter wonderland” (wintery scene of a lighthouse by the water), thank you! You really know how to use alliteration! Love the wow and whale stickers. Is the orca a Lisa Frank??? I love her stuff!

I mailed C-17.

Group U-16:
@ellistrations sent Ugly Ursula from The Little Mermaid! One of Disney/Pixar’s best villains! I have enough Christmas stickers for 10 years. I guess I thought I was going to send 1,000 cards!! Thank you, Barbara :smile_cat:

Group V-16
@AccentOnHakes sent a beautiful View of Rocks of Vedauwoo in Wyoming! I had to look it up to find out that vedauwoo is the Arapaho word for earthborn. Beautiful - thank you, Karen! :smile_cat:

I sent my cards for C-17.


Please add me to
B - 17 & D - 17

Thank you!

Count me in for Group D, please :slight_smile:

Group S-16 I have received all!
@ellistrations a “SEA you SOON” perfectly punny card :stuck_out_tongue: I hear you with flying through stamps. I had amassed a huge collection at some point, and now my collection is mostly 3 cent, 5 cent, 6 cent, and 8 cent stamps. That’s why you see a ton of those on my postcards I send :smiley: Those are harder to use on the international postcards.


@AccentOnHakes - the rocks of VEDAUWOO in Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming. I love interesting rock formations. (That’s what I liked best in Joshua Tree National Park). Don’t worry about misspelling my name. I see it spelled that way a lot.


@Beachyblonde - a multi-view of WASHINGTON, DC, including the WHITE HOUSE, and the WASHINGTON Monument.

@ellistrations - a shaped card of a food truck-type bar on wheels, selling WINE and WHISKEY.
I drink very little alcohol, though I’m not a teetotaler. I joke about how I really increased my alcohol consumption years ago when I joined my book group. Until the pandemic, I started regularly drinking wine once a month then.

Thanks, everyone.

Thanks @ellistrations for artichoke. So delicious!

I will join a group!


@maleko - a gorgeous WATERFALL in Haleakala National Park. Oh, that looks so inviting. Well, I did feel good for a short while Wednesday morning after I heard the Georgia results, but the rest of the day was truly awful.


@ellistrations - ALOHA from Mauna Kea Beach on the Big Island. (I sent the same card for this group to Beachyblonde) . :grin: Sunshine is always special at this time of year.

Thank you both.

Please put me in another group.

Those sound like some beautiful and fun cards! Group B-17 closed and I just sent the address list.

Thanks, everyone image

Hi Michelle, I see myself listed in B-17 but I have no address list in my inbox. Forum says you posted an hour ago. I hope I’m not just seeing this too early!

I’m an idiot.