NA Alphabet Group Round Robin 🔤

@MichelleW sent me someone who is UPSIDE down and doing a back flip. You wrote this on the 5th and said you just wanted to “get through Jan 6”…um, do you have the ability to read the future? :grimacing:

You’re not–changes are hard on everyone! Mistakes happen.

I’ve prepped my cards for B-17 and they will go out tomorrow.

Thanks @hootnoodle for Austen. Did you like The Guest List by Foley? It is on my to read list.

Thanks @MichelleW for the cool critters, mostly cattle. I did a lot of reading at work this week as business is slow.

@MichelleW - Urdhva Padasana, yoga cat, thank you! I love the fun little tid bit on the back of the card. I don’t have the focus for yoga either… Or balance!

(Received all for U-16!)

@Beachyblonde - Alligator, thank you! I love how well themed your stamps, washi and stickers are! An amazing accomplishment! I’ve seen some little gators in Hilton Head, but never any big ones in the wild.

B-17 in the mail tomorrow!


@Beachyblonde - VOTE poster by LP. I always vote. Of course, Washington makes it easy with all ballots automatically mailed to voters to be returned either by mail or in official dropboxes.


@emilyann - buttons featuring the APOLLO 11 mission and ASTRONAUTS ARMSTRONG and ALDRIN. I remember watching that moon landing on TV. I was at work, a summer job at the state Superintendent of Public Instruction’s office. One of my bosses, the man in charge of science education for the state, had a television in his office he shared. Oh, you asked about the book, The Guest List that I recently read. It’s not a typical murder mystery, but good escapist fare.

Thank you both.

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Thank you for the updates!

@maleko - W for Wonder, Studio Ghibli Totoro card, thank you! Accompanied by a Wonder Woman stamp. These films really do bring much wonder and magic to us! This RR is a lot of fun and really gets you thinking and crafty. Welcome and hope you’ll continue! :slight_smile:

Thanks @hootnoodle for Emily Carr’s painting. Walking around the lake here is something I need to do more of.

Thanks @Beachyblonde for Auvres. So is PB the beach in BeachyBlonde? Love it!

I wish! I made an email account with that name way back in high school and I’ve used it ever since. I’ve been fortunate to live near multiple beaches over my life. I loved PB and miss SD every single day.

May I jump in F17? I sent my B17 cards out today.

I also received some excellent postcards:

@MichelleW : Thank you for the Vintage Valentine’s! They’re too cute!
@hootnoodle : Thank you for the Volcano postcard! I have never been to Hawaii! I need to go someday!

@ellistrations : Thank you for the epic WallE postcard! I love this movie so it’s perfect!

@emilyann : Thank you for the Arrangement and Angkor postcard! Nice find!!

B-17 will go out on Monday.

@MichelleW VINTAGE VALENTINES! Thank you! I don’t think Indiana’s vaccine distribution is perfect, but I think it’s been better than some other states I’ve heard about. We do have our mistakes…we saw lots of people who were sent home after their first shot with a vaccine record card, but no name/DOB filled out! I joked to my partner that I was surprised nobody had tried to sell them on the black market…we took those cards and filled them in with the second dose as well as identifying information before returning them.
@hootnoodle A Paul VERLAINE quote about VIOLINS. Thank you. I haven’t been reading much lately–school keeps me very busy. I do read some online works, but haven’t picked up a full length novel in a while. I’ve heard good things about Born a Crime and am glad you enjoyed the read.

Please add me to F - 17 :slight_smile:

I would like to join D-17 please!

Sending all my postcards for C-17 today… and I’ve received all of mine for C-17 as well!

Thank you @MichelleW for the Canadian travel poster card, @hootnoodle for the capitol chandelier and @emilyann for the coffee card!

Yay! Group D-17 closed and I just sent the address list.

I also received a card for Group V-16 from @hootnoodle that is a beautiful illustration of Native Vanilla. The artwork is just gorgeous - thank you, Mary!

Earlier, I noted that I had received cards for group V-16, but had not scanned them at the time. Here they are:

From AccentOnHakes
From ellistrations

Aaaaaannnnnd just when I was beginning to get my USxUS RR addiction under control…I find there’s more than one playroom in this funhouse. Hello again to all those I’ve met previously, and a hearty Hoosier howdy to those I’ve not.

@MichelleW may I please join Groups E-17 and F-17?

May I please join group E?


LOL! Have you found the NA Colors Group yet - that’s under AccentOnHakes’ steady hand!!


Welcome to you and iowajest! Hope you enjoy the group! :sparkling_heart: