Mrs. Ovsak's Kindergarten Postcard Project (2023)

Mrs. Ovsak’s Kindergarten Postcard Project

I saw this post on Facebook and thought some of you would want to mail a few postcards.

It’s that time of year again! KINDERGARTEN POSTCARD PROJECT!!

I got the board ready and told the kids that we would be collecting postcards from now until May 5th! One boy was so excited that he was already pointing and naming states! This project helps my kindergarten class learn about the states and countries in a fun, unique way! It also goes with an upcoming unit in our reading series where we get to learn about different places!

We have 2 goals!

1.) Collect AT LEAST 1 card from every state
2.) Collect 500 postcards! (If we do each this goal, we will up it!)

Even if you notice that the state is colored in/we have it, we’d still love to hear from you! It will help us reach our big goal!

Families and friends of my students, PLEASE write the child’s name on the postcard! The kids will keep track of where they get postcards from on their own map. At the end of the project, the kids get to take all of the postcards home! I have past students who tell me that they still have their old postcards and loved the project.

As this post gets shared more, we’d love to hear where or who you heard about out from. On the back of the card, you can give us a fun fact about the place or simply say good luck! Postcards can also be hard to come across in some places. We don’t mind creativity through printed pictures or letters! If you send more than one, they can be sent together in an envelope if it’s easier.

Our address is

Heidi Ovsak
808 Woodland Ave
Barron, WI 54812
United States of America

You can also like and watch our project by liking Mrs. Ovsak’s Kindergarten Postcard Project on Facebook.

Thank you so much for helping us out with sharing the post and/or sending us postcards! This project definitely reaches a lot of people. I try to message back, say thank you, or even like/comment, but do miss some!


Would you like any postcards from your Northern neighbour Canada?


The classroom would enjoy postcards from Canada.


Would you like one from Louisiana?


Sent a card from England.


Sent some postcards from England. I hope you reach your target.

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The kids enjoy postcards from everywhere, all countries. I send every year since I heard of it.
Please join in.