Thanks Liz @alb for the great Hummingbird art card by Ben Houstie! Hope your garden wasn’t too badly pummelled by the heavy rains.

Thanks @iknowmel for the Lions Gate Bridge meetup card - lots of signatures, must have been a fun gathering, Mel!


Received from @Alb today.
Thank you for the Moomin card. I love it.
We had such beautiful weather this weekend for a picnic in the park and now for the next few days the rain is back :weary: (classic)


Two RRs arrived! today. First up is another winner from Crystal @farmgirll Thank you for the train card! Interesting fun fact about the trains! Yes we are back to normal! All things worked out on our holidays, no problems. We were gone for 40 days! Wait till Jly/ I love your theme idea, your just like me on that point! Aug. I got some winners coming!

Thank you Liz @Alb for your old post card from the 70s I think. I actually have an album for those small/older cards!


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A little technical difficulty on my part, sorry!
Josee you can add me to July

Next month my Theme is old Utena Lithuania and with extra cards added into the envelope. August/Spt its Ireland or Latvia themes, got to keep you interested! I will be posting them from the special cancellation from city of Beaverlodge Alberta or from Dawson Creek/Tumbler Ridge.
Another family reunion! I have a number little trinkets I brought home from Europe. I have beer coasters from all 3 countries, tickets and candy wrappers if interested PM me. If you want the special cancellation on a post card well let me know otherwise it will be on the envelope!


All my June card are on the way.

Greek card plus bonus Ste.Anne de Beaupre card from Jason @JasonDavid - thank you! Actually we visited St.Anne in 2007 - long before I joined Postcrossing. Accordingly I didn’t buy postcards at that time. :slight_smile:

Irish Titanic card from @cpaige, thank you. I wish I had time to visit Ireland… So many places to see in the world, we have not enough time (and money). Although I know one man (with a channel on youtube) who visited almost all countries.

Vancouver Meetup card from @mezzanine2 - thank you

Portage la Prairie card from @farmgirll. Thank you, Crystal. How the times are changing: many homes in Greater Toronto Area bigger than city hall on the card.

Kandinsky painting card from @moneill - thanks! Several years ago I had a duck postcard made of my photo: My Photos - Duck in High park | Alexander Ivanov | Flickr


The mail brought forth Jason’s @JasonDavid Ottawa fireworks card. Thank you Jason! I thought Edmonton was on a roll but went to the wire against Vancouver! My son is cheering for Edmonton and might fly to Edmonton if they make to Game 6, Game 7 if needed is in the US.


Hi @garvey, I did not sign up for the June 2024 cohort. Perhaps the Postcrossing meetup postcard is from @iknowmel?

Hope everyone is well otherwise.

First card of the month has come in! A gorgeous illustrated bookstore from @JasonDavid
I added " The Adversary" to my library list. Looks like a good read.Hope you’re having a good week, thanks Jason!


@garvey - the meet card from @mezzanine2 was for which RR, as he’s not on the June list?

Thanks @cpaige for my first ever pint-shaped postcard - awesome, thanks a lot, Cory! I am a Guinness fan, along with many Canadian stouts like St Ambroise. (It was beer day - by total coincidence I received a card today from the US showing an array of Lithuanian bottlecaps!)

My June cards went in the mail yesterday

@Stinkypaw please sign me up for July!

I’ve received several so far:

Thank you @moneill for the super-cute cats in dino costumes. I love the washi you used for decoration! Thank you also for the extra stamps :heart_eyes:

Thank you @JasonDavid for the garden card and Butchart Gardens folder. I’m still watching to see what blooms in this new garden of mine. I think I see peonies. :cherry_blossom: :lotus:

Thank you @Alb for the Maya Angelou and penguin cards plus bonus stamps!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:

Thank you @iknowmel for the Vancouver meetup card. I love meetups! Looks like mezzanine was there, and stampraider :blush:

Thank you @farmgirll for the Portage la Prairie card. I’m searching for more local cards, but they’re not easy to find. I might have to amp up my photography skills at the upcoming Potato Festival. I love the stickers you use! :grinning:

Thank you @Cpaige for the Shandon card. It sounds like you had an amazing trip! :sunglasses:


Jason The Utena brewery is less then 1km from the farm where my wife grew up. You can see it from the back fields!

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Hm, it’s possible. I just saw your nick on the card and thought that it’s yours. I’ll check later today after coming home from office

It’s meetup card; so probably I looked at wrong nickname on it. I’ll confirm later today

Thanks Alexander @garvey for the St Thomas railway murals, which I assume are in the Elgin County Railroad Museum. Really colourful! Don’t think I’ve ever been to St Thomas.

Thanks Crystal @farmgirll for the view of the multi-purpose Provincial Government Building in Portage la Prairie. That is a large brown rectangle! Not unlike a building that I worked in here, in Gatineau.

Thank you Alexander @garvey for your B 17 post card from the Hamilton aviation museum. It’s on my list to visit next year on drive to Ontario for our daughter’s wedding (Brockville). By the way it’s on my list not my wife’s! We are making the wedding ideas with the grooms side today! My wife already showed off her dress so my daughter’s motherinlaw’s dress won’t clash!

That was card from @iknowmel, sorry for confusion

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Yes, you’re right.