@reach4thestars thanks for the Little Canada postcard. I would totally enjoy the displays!!

Have a great long weekend. Im off to Morris MB for a horsey thing!! Crystal.


Good morning Canadian RR… I have mailed all of my postcards out over the last few days… except for one… I will mail that one out today…:partying_face:

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@Stinkypaw please sign me up for June RR… wow these months are flying by!!!

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I’ll joing for June @Stinkypaw :smiley:

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Hello! I received a few :slightly_smiling_face:

@JasonDavid The mention of Owen Sound brought me back in time to camping trips at some of the Ontario Parks in the area

@moneill We’ll probably stay local this summer and head over to one of the islands. We were thinking of heading down to Seattle to watch the Blue Jays play but noticed our sons passport is expired (mom fail)

@reach4thestars Hopefully recovery wasn’t too bad. As for soups, I’ve been into hot pot lately (probably because of the rain) and want to try all the broth flavours haha

I also received from surprise card from @cpaige

Thank you everyone!

@Stinkypaw I’m in for June :grinning:


@Stinkypaw Please sign me up for June :grinning:

I’ve received a fun selection of cards already in May:

@JasonDavid Thank you so much for the Prairies harvesting card and for the lily pond card. Both themes are spot-on! We’ve been enjoying watching Clarkson’s farm, and I’m reading and researching to learn how to take care of our pond. So far I’ve mainly taken photos of various ducks and raked some muck. Love the stamps you used!

@iknowmel Thank you for the ExploreBC card! I’ve been to BC exactly once, for a weekend. Stanley park was lovely. I plan to do a cross-Canada trip in retirement. Love the foundation stamp!

@farmgirll Thank you for the Graceland card and eclipse stamp. I REALLY want to visit Graceland :sunglasses: We’re supposed to have good weather for the long weekend - I hope you do, too!

@garvey Thank you for the gorgeous Georgia O’Keefe card and Wildflowers stamps! I’ve spotted what could be irises in my garden, I need to wait to see what blooms. So far, mainly daffodils :blush:

@helloleah27 Thank you for the cookbook card and foundation stamp. I’ve had that Mollie Katzen Moosewood Cookbook and her Enchanted Broccoli Garden book forever! An entire cookbook on Smoke & Pickles? I don’t have that one, lol :sweat_smile:

@reach4thestars Thank you for the beautiful butterfly card and carousel horse stamp! I love how you decorated the back, too! I hope you had fun rock climbing. I used to go a lot, but it’s been a while :blush:

@moneill Thank you for the elegant vintage card of Ottawa and vintage stamps. I love cards from the golden age of postcards! We’ve had a couple of Canada geese land on our pond. They’re fun to watch. I hope you had fun at the embroidery conference! :smiley:

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From @garvey a cowboy-themed poster card of Yellowstone National Park, thanks a lot, Alexander! Have a great weekend, the weather is cooperating!

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3 great cards arrived this week

An Explore BC card from @iknowmel
It’s great fun finding postcards while thrifting! We’re lucky to have so many interesting places to see within Canada. The new community foundation stamp is so cute! Thanks Mel!

Very pretty cherry blossoms card from @reach4thestars Sounds like you and your friend had an awesome time! Thanks Stiles!

The Worlds Highest Hydraulic Lift Lock from @garvey
This unlocked a memory for me as I’m sure i’ve been there! I went on a class trip to Toronto in grade 10 and one day was a day trip to, what I now think was Petersborough. A bunch of 15 year olds, we were so bored by this portion of the trip. I’d forgotten that I was ever there. The next day was Much Music, definetly the most popular day of the trip. Thanks Alexander!