Cards received today:

From @moneill - I agree. She is a badass but her choice for a political party and leader is questionable.

From @tinkerstorm - Happy Fall to you as well! All leaves are off the trees here. Love key lime pies, especially with a huge mountain of meringue on top.

Thank you both!!


One more in the bottom of the pile.

From @simplyrubies - Oh wow, never heard that fact before. Hope they eventually name a new street after him. I was signed up for a run last September but broke my ankle 3 days before from falling backwards on a treadmill. Will have to make sure I can go next year. Thank you for the card!!


Hi @tinkerstorm, thank you for the funny cartoon card! I don’t think there is a Canadianism that means something is different but looks exactly the same. But I know a lot of slang is regional, so maybe it just doesn’t exist in my part of BC (but it does elsewhere in the country?)


Bird card from the Animal Box series - from @simplyrubies. Thank you! Good luck with your cardigan :slight_smile:

Lake Superior park card from @faithjohnson, thanks.
We just come back from a trip to Europe, so we didn’t yet have a chance to enjoy Ontario’s colorful Fall.

Van Gogh card from @MailingLlama. Thank you!
I saw this painting in Paris during our first trip to France.


Apologies for delayed reporting of received cards - am recovering from surgery and behind on everything. Half my Oct cards have been mailed and will try to get the rest out shortly.

Thanks @helloleah27 for the WPD card and fun stickers. My kids are looking forward to Halloween and are making elaborate costume plans.

Thanks @MailingLlama for the Van Gogh card - great stamp too! I did an arts degree in my undergrad and managed to avoid chemistry lol

Thank you @LaurenceB for the polar bear card from the aquarium. I took my girls to that aquarium when they were young - we had a great time. Too bad your toddler didn’t enjoy apple picking. I’d planned to take my girls this weekend but am unfortunately laid up.

Thank you @tinkerstorm for your card. Sorry to hear you and your partner were ill - hope you have fully recovered and are having a great month of festivities.

And finally thank you @evank for the always fun envelope with cards, stickers and tea! And love the greeting in Afrikaans! I used to be able to say I could speak 4 languages, but a couple of those are pretty rusty these days.


I would like to participate in November.

I created a meetup in Montreal after the Nuphilex stamp show Nov 9, which would be perfect timing to write cards, especially if I end up sitting in the Tipsy Cow Bar by myself. :sunglasses:

I’m new to this RR, so I just sent my address to @stinkypaw.

Looking forward to sending cards across the country. I love receiving Canada stamps on cards!


Received three cards yesterday.
Thanks to @garvey for the awesome and mystical glow-in-the-dark card. What a nice magical scene! I hope you enjoyed your time overseas.

A beautiful Thanksgiving card from @faithjohnson. Thank you, Faith, and yes, I am making time to rest and take care of myself amidst all the busyness. Thanks for the reminder.

A very nicely packaged postcard letter from @LaurenceB. Thank you, friend. A reply letter will be coming soon, and best of luck in getting the Halloween decorations up.


I’ve received funny animal actors card from @moneill. Thank you for the card and interesting facts

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My October cards mailed today :mailbox_with_mail::m:

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In for November please.

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@garvey thank you for the card! Unfortunately it’s dark and cloudy today so I have to wait to see what it does😩 will report back!

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Received three cards today:
A card featuring a summery view of Outaouais from @JasonDavid. Thank you Jason, and I will keep in mind your tips for my upcoming trip in the wintertime. I hope you are taking in the fall colours as they are breathtaking.

Drew Habour, Quadra Island looks lovely @moneill. Thank you for the card, and best of luck with the increased workload at this time of year! I hope you get many jabs in arms ahead of the flu season.

My very first WPD 2022 winning design card from @farmgirll. Thank you, Crystal! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and enjoyed the turkey :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I would like to join for November please. Thanks Crystal

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Happy weekend… all of my cards have been sent as of Wednesday…

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Hi Evan @evank thank you for the postcards and all of the fun little things that you include… I love the little Ziggy sticker… I remember drawing him him when I was in school… funny…
For once I am off on Halloween this year… for some reason I usually work it… will be nice to see all of the little kids at the door…have a great month…take care😊

Hi Anita @AnitaGrace Thank you for the postcard of the cake heavers…

I do love this time of year too with all of the different colors and crispness in the air… I hope you are feeling well and yes next year is a good year for your hiking challenge!! Take care


Hi Deshanta @tinkerstorm thank you for the cute fruity postcard

The wedding was so beautiful… thank you for asking… we are now starting to get photos back from the photographer… and wow… so perfect… but I must say it is also nice to not have to plan anything and just relax a little too…

May Dawali find you and your family surrounded by love and happiness :diya_lamp:

Take care


Hi Tiffany @simplyrubies thank you for the crabs postcard from The Little Mermaid movie… my oldest daughters favourite movie…she even had one of the songs from the movie in her wedding… Law School?! Wow good for you!! Yes that would be a lot of googling… take care… Happy Fall :blush:


I would like to be included for November RR… thank you😊

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Thanks @LaurenceB for this nice card about female “computers” I think I’d be good at it too, my work now is all about repetitive tasks & attention to detail


Thanks @AnitaGrace for this glorious card! I love how it shows the Queen at different ages. And really a miracle that it made it to me because I received it completely stampless! Obviously you would have put a stamp on so it must have fallen off somewhere along the journey and Canada Post delivered it anyway. Yay Canada Post!