Missing card?

HI, I have send a postcard for the 3rd time on the same member and it hasn’t been received yet or registered, its been 42 days now, what to do?

Hi Ann, well first off you don’t need to send any cards beyond the first one. I’ve occasionally sent a 2nd card if it’s for a rarer country, but if cards get lost or don’t get registered there’s not a lot we can do.

Once a card has been travelling for 60 days it expires & you can get a another address. The card can still be registered if it eventually arrives for up to one year.

There may be a whole host of reasons including a slowed postal service in the receiver’s country, mail being mis-delivered, they could be ill perhaps or just not able to respond to mail.

I’ve realized in my time on Postcrossing, once a postcard hits the mailbox, it’s out of my hands & on it’s own journey and I have no control over that.

Yes, we all would like our cards to be received or registered, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. I’d focus on the rest of your card sending & let it go. The vast majority of our cards do make it to their destinations, even in this pandemic.


Sometimes the mail takes the scenic route and travels as slow as a snail. Snail mail :snail: :crazy_face:

The Covid-19 has slowed down the mail as well due to fewer passenger airplanes. The mail is often sent with passenger airplanes. Sometimes the mail travels with ship now.
There has been issues with the mail in the US the last months as well, which has slowed down the mail as well.

Don’t worry about a postcard that has only travelled for 42 days. There’s still a good chance that it arrives.

I rarely (almost never) resend, as the requirement is to send 1 (one) postcard. If I resend, I wait until the postcard has travelled for at least 60 days.


Some cards never arrive… And some arrive but will never be registered. One of the reasons for this is that postcrossers are mortal souls - frequently run over by cars :ambulance:, having heart-attacks when receiving postcards with stamps cancelled by ballpoint pen rather than a nice cancellation mark :broken_heart:, or simply dying of old age, as some of us are close to 100 years old :latin_cross:


Happy to hear you’re on top of those cheery stats for us - glad to hear your demographic speaking out! :rofl:

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And on a serious note, :wink: I had heard a higher percentage of us got run over by mail trucks rather than cars. Postcrossers often run after mail trucks to get that last postcard picked up eh and sadly that’s when tragedies occur. You might want to update your stats eh? :blush:


Actually 42 days is not a long trip for international mails. Especially under the Covid-19 situations.
And I can tell that the mails to US from China are extremely slow that traveled even up to 90 days. So maybe your mails are still on their way.
On the other hand, some postcrossers do not register and check the card every day. I also found many of my expired cards are sent to people who do not use postcrossing anymore. When I checked their profile, just found they didn’t log in for months.

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