Mid-Atlantic Postcrossers JAN 2021 Virtual Meetup

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Greetings all!

The Mid-Atlantic Postcrossers will be hosting a virtual Meetup on 16 JAN 2020 at 1500 Eastern Standard Time. It is open to anyone in the world who would like to participate.

How to participate -

RSVP for this event at the following link:

Mid-Atlantic Postcrossers January 2021 Virtual Meetup

This event will be conducted virtually on Zoom. That means you attend by videoconference (teleconference if you don’t have video capability). Zoom is a cross-platform application that supports this capability. You’ll find details of how to get access to the Zoom event when you RSVP at the link supplied above.

Note that the website at the link above is being used to manage this event; this forum page is a courtesy announcement, but all RSVPS and queries should be conducted via the Meetup site linked above.


1 - Round-the-table introductions, please keep it short, as this could take a while depending on how many people we get!
2 - A ten minute presentation on card storage and display
3 - Open discussion (bring your favorite postcard you received in the last week!)
4 - Share your vendors - Please come prepared to share info your favorite vendors for Postcrossing activities (postcards, rubber stamps, stickers, wash tape, pens, etc.)

A note on Zoom etiquette:

Please mute your microphone when you are not speaking.

Once in the conference, please add your Postcrossing handle to your Zoom login name. This can easily be done by using the three dot pull down menu next to your name and is not a permanent change.

Note that the chat will be recorded and may be made public following the teleconference.

An event card is being produced for this event, and will be made available to all attendees. Details will be provided during the event. Photos of both sides of the event card can be seen below once completed.

This event is open to all postcrossers, hope to see YOU there!


Put it on my calendar. Looking forward to meeting you all!

This looks so exciting. Sweet. I’m in. I’ll just use my mom’s sign in info. But that doesn’t matter. I’ll write the date in my planner and on the fridge.

See you all there :slight_smile: It will be my first Postcrossing meetup!


Looking forward to a fun zoom session! Thanks for organizing this!

Hey! Have never done a meet-up since joining post-crossing this year, so looking forward to it! Happy holidays all. :slight_smile:


I just signed up - this will be my first meet up I’m so excited!!

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Looking forward to it! New times…new ways…@carameljuniper @RFS @Aliengirl @toucans @KateNightSky @fisherman @Mamiielariie @ogait @mapcardcollector @theJCAtx @volvomom @middlin

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@EdithK maybe also interisting?

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@Aviacionado thanks for the heads up :grinning:

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I’d like to join in! If my sons are heading back to Vermont and the borders are open by then (gawd, what a wish!) I may not make it. Could 2021 grant us something so soon?!

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I’m in… I don’t know how much time I can, but I’ll try.

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Here’s a view of what the front of the event card will look like:


@ Angie20094 -

The Agenda in the description above pretty much covers it. I’ll try to guide the discussion, but will mostly let it wander where it will. Please come with an “elevator” speech about yourself and your involvement with Postcrossing. At a face-to-face event we’d pass around cards for everyone to sign, and you’d leave with a bunch of signed cards to send to whomever you’d like. In this case, I’ll send a packet of cards to all attendees. Really it is just a gathering of folks with a shared interest swapping stories and information. Have a pen and notebook handy, there will be plenty to learn and you may want to take notes.


It looks great!

Yay! Espero ver voce la!

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Hi dear, hope you get to see your family for the holidays!
Join the meetup as a warm up for our in person meetups! Remember those… they are kind f vintage now… :slight_smile:

See you there!

oh cool. it’s 3 am here XD

I like them to swap? :slight_smile: