Mid-Atlantic Postcrossers JAN 2021 Virtual Meetup

How are these accquired? Thanks.

The event cards are primarily intended for those who attend the event. Every attendee who provides me with an address will get one mailed to them directly. Additionally, I will likely mail a packet of blank event cards to each attendee for them to do with what they like. This will depend on the number of attendees, and the expense involved. If there are cards left over after that, I’d be happy to send one to anyone who desires to swap a meetup card.


Hello, I would like to join this meetup

Hmm…I may need to attend this. Ive never attended one before.

Eric!!! Hey friend!!! Miss you!! I am going to try and come!! I would LOVE to order some of those nifty cards!! I always love getting mail from you and hope you and the family had a great Christmas!!


I just signed up, thanks! I didn’t make it to the physical event the year I lived in MD and I’ve regretted it!

Will be signing up. Sounds like fun. See ya all there. -Gmansocal

Looking forward to the event

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If I did my math correctly, it should be 9 pm here… Very very tempting :grinning: I think I’ll sign up, plus - I must say- the schedule and etiquette you set up are super!!

On the calendar. Thank you for hosting!

This virtual meetup event sounds great. My first time, and really look forward to it. Bringing resources, yes!

Well, we’re a week out. There are 55 people RSVPed, so this will likely be quite an adventure. I’ll do the best I can! I have 250 cards in hand, and I may place another order. I did not expect such a large response!


I just signed up. My 1st Meet Up!

I am excited to join. Thank you for organizing!

While we see 34 replies here, RSVPS on the Meetup site indicate about 60 attendees. I’ll do my best to manage this, but I may modify the agenda on the fly, so please be prepared to be flexible. Also, if you are a new Postcrosser attending your first meetup, please come prepared with one question, and we veterans will do our best to help you out with an answer!

I’d very much like to give everyone a chance to participate, we are all going to struggle a bit with being concise I suspect!


Don’t worry Eric, it will go off without a hitch…with 5 people or 55 people…it will be fine…looking forward to it…see you then…

Hi, everyone! I am still hoping to attend, but it will have to do with when my boys depart for Vermont. Sadly my dad passed away on Sunday, and the funeral was yesterday. It will be nice, though, to have people to hang out with if I’m all by myself after the kiddos go back to the 802!

Thanks again for organizing this! Hugs to all!

I’m so sorry to hear that and I’m sorry for your loss.
I’m looking forward to attending tomorrow as well!

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Hi can i ask what is the password to the zoom Thanks!

Hi can i ask for the zoom password because i am in the Philippines and i will attend during 4 am in the morning so i have to set up the day before

Hi everyone. Will see you soon in a bit. Now i will sleep since here in the Philippines the time of the online meetup is 4 in the morning. so see you later.