Mid-Atlantic Postcrossers February 2022 Virtual meetup

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Maryland/USA
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Virtual Meetup Online
:calendar: DATE: 19 FEB 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 1500 Eastern Standard Time (-5 UTC)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Greetings all!

The Mid-Atlantic Postcrossers will be hosting a virtual Meetup on 19 February 2022 at 1500 Eastern Daylight time (-4 UTC). It is open to anyone in the world who would like to participate.

How to participate -

RSVP for this event at the following link:

MAP Meetup page

Sat, FEB 19, 2022, 3:00 PM: This event will be conducted virtually on Zoom. That means you attend by videoconference (teleconference if you don’t have video capability). Zoom is a cross-platform application that supports this capability.

The password to join this event will be provided to all who have RSVPed just prior to the event via an email from this site.

The theme of this event is sharing love! Please come prepared to talk about how you do that via correspondence, particularly with postcards and postcrossing!


1 - Introductory remarks
2 - Round-the-table introductions, share your love (more on this below)
3 - Short presentation on postcards and stamps of love
5 - Open discussion (bring your favorite love related postcards and correspondence to show off!)

A note on Zoom etiquette:

When you enter the event you will initially be placed in a waiting room. One of the hosts will quickly get you into the conference, this is done so that we can accurately create an attendance record and verify that we have all of your info correctly.

Please mute your microphone when you are not speaking. Errant cats, dogs, wombats children, jet airplanes and trains do not always add value to the conversation!

Once in the conference, please add your Postcrossing handle to your Zoom login name. This can easily be done by using the three dot pull down menu next to your name and is not a permanent change.

We ask that all participants participate at least once in the chat. This helps us with the attendance record.

Note that the chat will be recorded and may be made public following the teleconference. We may also attempt to record the whole thing.

An event card is being produced for this event, and will be made available to all attendees. Details will be provided during the event. Photos of both sides of the event card can be seen below once it has been printed.

This event is open to all postcrossers, no matter where you live! In the past we have had postcrossers from Norway, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, England, Canada, The Philippines, Uganda, Mexico, Russia, The Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden as well as numerous U.S. States and the District of Columbia. Hope to see YOU there!


Just signed up. Thanks for pulling another event together!

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Will RSVP soon! Will see y’all there.

Great there is a online meetup again!

I want to join😁

Thank you for organising again @eta55 !!

Will attend; thank you for organizing!

I will attend also. I clicked the link to rsvp but it brings up the zoom as if to start the meeting. Tried it a couple times, could be user (me) error.


Hi! :wave:
I will be pleased to join you all! :blush:
Thanks eta55!

This sounds great :smiley: I would like to join - and I hope that I can borrow the laptop of my daughter for this meeting :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Here it will be 9 o`clock in the evening :clock9: :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :globe_with_meridians:

Did you get it working?

Here is another link to try: February 19 Mid-Atlantic-Postcrossers Virtual Meetup

I have corrected the initial listing, thanks for figuring that out Beachyblonde!

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Look forward to seeing y’all!

@eta55 now I am completely irritated: how can I send an email from this site, I do not find any possibility to send an email there, have I first to become a member of the “Mid-Atlantic Postcrossers”??

I’d like to participate again. Looking forward!

I am interested, will sign up! Hopefully I’ll stay awake despite the late hour (10 PM here in Finland). :smiley: :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

Looking forward to it!!!

Cool! I just signed up. Excited!

@Beachyblonde I tried to sign up at the MAP Meetup page but when I try to fill the signup form, my location (Berlin or Germany) is not accepted (also my zip code is not accepted) → I get the message “no locations found” and then “Location is required” and I cannot complete the signup… what can I do :question:

I am sorry you are having problems, we have not seen issues like you describe with anyone trying to join the Mid-Atlantic Postcrossers Meetup site as you describe. I’d be happy to arrange a ZOOM meeting on which we could share screens and perhaps walk you through it. Regardless, we pretty much mirror all information abut the event here, we know that you will be attending, and we’ll be sending out a request for addresses so we can send meetup cards to all of the attendees in the near future. Looking forward to meeting you!