Melbourne Meet Up - 30th January 2021

I may come :slight_smile:

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hey helent,
thanks for the invite, I can’t make it if the date is on the 16/th23rd of an as I have other appointments if not I am open to attending and meeting everyone :slight_smile:

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We’ll be meeting on the 30th, so hopefully that will work for you. Hope to see you then.

Hi. Can i swap with someone?
I can offer cards from our meet-up.

I would like to join,please count me in😊

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Hello, Can I swap with someone?
I can offer cards from Taiwan meetup (we have 2 meetup this month)

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Hi - I’d like to swap - I’ll send you a message.

I’m upgrading from a Maybe to Yes :smiley:

Also those postcard designs are awesome!! :star_struck:
(I will buy So Many)


Mark me as a yes too, I’ll be there :).

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Wonderful, looking forward to seeing everyone!


May I swap with someone?

My offers:

One week to go everyone! I got the cards yesterday and they look great.

Please keep following this thread - I’ll have a bit more information about the venue on Friday, as they’ll update me then if there are any changes to the pandemic requirements.

Hallo!! mark me as a yes. Would be lovely to meet everyone

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I would also like to attend :smile:

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Can’t wait to meet you all next week!

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Count me in Helent!

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Fantastic, see you then.

Hi @helent I’m wondering - is there a special postmark or stamp for this meet-up?

I’d love to join in! As I’m only and 11 year old postcrosser, my dad will also be joining me.
don’t forget your masks everyone!


BTW put me down for a maybe.

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