Melbourne Meet Up - 30th January 2021

I would also like to attend :smile:

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Can’t wait to meet you all next week!

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Count me in Helent!

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Fantastic, see you then.

Hi @helent I’m wondering - is there a special postmark or stamp for this meet-up?

I’d love to join in! As I’m only and 11 year old postcrosser, my dad will also be joining me.
don’t forget your masks everyone!


BTW put me down for a maybe.

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Great, looking forward to seeing you both.

Just the postcards. Hope we see you then.

You could probably cancel the date stamp at Kensington LPO :laughing:

Hi Helen I will be there today sry I forgot to reconfirm.

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I’ve updated the first post with some quick details about getting there.

See you all soon.

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Hi Helen. Just confirming that I’ll be coming.

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Hi @Qiana - nice to meet you on Saturday. I was wondering if you could share a couple of the photos you took in this thread?

Hi. I have some beautiful Postcrossing Meetup cards (Putian,China)… Would you like to swap with me? If you want to swap with me, please tell me your email address. Thank you!

Thanks @Qiana for these photos from the day!


I’m so sorry I missed this. I’ll be watching out for the next meet up.

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I really like your meeting card:

I would like to swap for it please!!! Does anyone want so swap with me? I am from Germany!
Just let me know what you collect or what kind you want in exchange for this one! :grinning:

We received a postcard from this meeting here at Postcrossing’s headquarters — thank you for thinking of us all the way down-under, and also for sharing these nice photos of the meeting! :heart_eyes: It’s so nice to see people getting together again. We hope you enjoyed this day!


Hello dear All,
I really love your meet-up card with the Easter bilby :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I would be really happy if there would be someone who could swap this card with me :smiley:
Many thanks for reading! :two_hearts:

Hope one day there is a meet up in Brisbane.